Karen Chapter 23: Breakfast

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I went downstairs to prepare breakfast and fished out of my pockets the phone number of the young couple from the previous night.

Would Karen be my death or on the other hand, would she bring a new better life somehow?

I couldn’t deny that we’ve had more sexual exploration since our anniversary, but how was I supposed to cope with this constant frustration? Would it keep rising? Level off? Would I get used to it?

When I had a nice breakfast prepared and saw that Karen wasn’t coming down, I took a tray and brought it to her, gently knocking on the bedroom door before entering.

A little out of breath, she told me to come, and I saw that she was indeed masturbating as she had promised.

“Your breakfast, mistress”

“Thank you! I think that after breakfast, you should handle the laundry. It might be too early to call them. But try at 10h00.”

I checked the alarm clock by the bed: it was already 9h30.

I went into the bathroom and began splitting clothes into colors while starting the washer.

Karen wasn’t the only one doing the washing in our couple, even if she possibly did it a little more often, preferring I repair something or another while she does it.

My 6th sense tells me I would be in charge of laundry from now on, while she took care of herself.

I certainly couldn’t complain about Karen’s heightened sex drive, despite the lack of physical gratification on my side, it excited me to know she was having more orgasms per week than most women got per year.

Right, the laundry, so I start the water and put the soap while the washer is empty, and wait until it’s perhaps a quarter full prior to putting clothes into it. Karen just dumps the clothes into it and the soap on top.

She claims it doesn’t change anything, but my mother was convinced that the soap needed to be properly mixed with the water prior to putting the clothes in, while her mother claimed otherwise.

It’s weird, isn’t it? We are each the product of our families.

Eventually, 10h00 came and I could call Lydia, or was it Lidia? Her writing on the piece of paper was approximate. I just hoped it wasn’t Linda. No, there was clearly an “I” after the d. Lindia? No. Doesn’t make sense.

I called, and the phone was picked up after the 4th ring. A girl answered.


“Hi, may I speak to Lydia please?”

“Speaking”, she replied.

“Listen, you left to my wife Karen and me your phone number last night”.

She interrupted me.

“Chasty!”, she said, very excitedly. “You called! I am so happy!”

I wonder how deep into trouble I would be if we began interacting more.

“Glad to hear that! Listen, Karen was wondering if you two might want to hang out at our place this afternoon.”

“Oh, I’d love that! When can I come?”

“When you are ready, I suppose”

“Ok, give me the address.”

I did, and she squealed in joy. “That’s not far from my place! I’ll be right over!”

She hung up and I stood there, stunned. I knocked on our bedroom door and Karen told me to enter. She was reading a book.

“Did you call them?”

“Apparently, they live quite nearby, so she said she would come right over”

“What about her boyfriend?”

“She didn’t talk about him. I don’t know if he is coming.”

“Good job Chasty. So, clean my tray and everything from breakfast and be ready to welcome her. I’ll join you two when I know the front door is closed. We wouldn’t want to cause a scene for our neighbors, right?”

“Right. Thank you, Mistress”.

I picked up the tray and the dishes and cleaned everything in the kitchen.

When I was done, I heard a faint knock on the door. I opened it and Lydia was on the other side, alone, wearing a long flowery skirt and a simple tight t-shirt and was carrying a large handbag.

I welcomed her inside, closed the door, and as soon as we were alone, she grabbed my cage and gently said: “Hello Chasty! I see you didn’t get out since yesterday”

“No, not once since it was put on. Didn’t you bring your boyfriend?”

“We don’t live together yet, and he was all pouty because of the cage. I think he is afraid I’ll put one on him, so I decided to ignore him for a few days.”

Wonderful. Two girls to tease one guy.

Karen arrived, we moved into the living room and the two girls exchanged pleasantries without commenting on Karen’s nudity.

“So is there some sort of dress code I didn’t know?”, Lydia eventually asked.

“Well, I love to torment my husband with what he can’t have, so I try to be nude as often as possible.”

“So should I do so too?”, she asked, confused.

“Well, it’s up to you, but I think that having two sexy nude women tormenting him could be hot as hell.”

She nodded and began undressing! I averted my eyes, but Karen scolded me.

“The lady is undressing for your benefit, you’ll look at her. Well, for mine too, but that’s another story”.

Karen laughed at her last comment, and Lydia had an uneasy laugh. Awkwardness or shyness?

Soon enough, I was the only dressed person in the living room.

“So, what do we do now?”, Lydia asked.

“It’s up to you. I am all open. You wanted to the sleeve, so we could do that. You seem to like teasing my little Chasty, so we could torment him in one way or another. I am bi, so you could be the first women I have sex with on our marital bed while little Chasty either watches or is left in the living room to imagine. We can also just talk, we can watch tv. Really, no pressure on anything”.

“I always have a hard time choosing what I want to do.”

“Well, Lydia, guess what”, said Karen. “We have a whole day ahead of us. Why not try a little bit of everything!”

Lydia smiled, and I knew I could be in trouble.

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