Sue Chapter 19: After care

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We stayed snuggled for over half an hour and it’s my bladder that forced me to part from my beautiful companions.

I excused myself and ran toward the bathroom: I really didn’t want to leave them alone too long. When I came back to my bedroom, Sue had rolled close to Annie, but both girls seemed passive and relaxed, almost spooning each other. I picked up my clothes and dressed back up, making as little noise as possible. I didn’t want to bother my two knocked out angels.

Once dressed, I took a strategic move: I laid next to Sue, so that she would be in the middle, and gently forced to fully face Annie by setting myself as the big spoon. Annie, who had still been on her back, gently rolled and cuddled Sue.

I remained motionless. I wouldn’t be the one to break the silence.

It took another ten minutes because Sue simply said. “This was nice”, to which Annie replied, “This is nice too”.

I simply added a gentle, “indeed”.

Another few minutes passed and Annie asked a question. “So when do we get dressed?”.

“The deal I made with Sue was that she would be naked in my apartment, but you can dress back up if you want.”

Sue took the stand. “Nope, if I am naked, she is too.”

Annie simply added. “I’m fine by┬áthat”, and both laughed.

“Did I miss something?”, I asked…

Sue explained. “Annie dragged me to a clothing optional resort last year. We spent a weekend naked in the sun… She still goes from time to time but I haven’t had the chance since.”

Good, I finally got the story I had overheard.

We stayed silent for a few minutes, and I decided to ask.

“Are you both ok? Is there anything that wasn’t correct?”

Sue said “nothing bad to report”. Annie added: “Same here”.

I took the plunge. “I really liked how you girls held hand during sex. That’s true friendship.”

Annie said: “Yeah, we kind of did… personally, I love that you used the same erection on both of us. Wonderful staying power dude…”. She left her hand in the air, and I realized that she wanted a high-five, so I gently slapped her hand.

Sue gave her highlight: “I really, really, really loved seeing you with Annie. We have to do this more often.”

I reassured her. “I don’t plan on stopping, but I also have ideas on how to add variety.”

“Like what?”, asked Sue.

“You’ll see…”

Annie changed the subject: “Dude, you really were with both of us at the same time. I mean, your dick was in just one of us, but your mouth, your hands were all over the other girl. I thought I would just wait for you to be done with Sue, but no, you still took care of me while you were plowing her!”

Sue sat down on the bed, almost in shock. “Yeah, how did you do that? You were done with me, but then, while you were handling Annie, you will still touching me.”

I think I blushed, but I tried to remain strong.

“Hey, you wanted an Alpha-male, you got one.”

Sue kissed me passionately, but as soon as she was done, it was Annie’s turn.

I soon enough explained to my ladies that I would cook them dinner soon, but Sue and Annie had a plan to scheme until them: to get rid of Gus.

“Why?”, I asked.

“Dude”, added Sue. “Don’t you want Nicole? Heck, I want Nicole…”


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