Sue Chapter 9: Here comes the friends!

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I opened the door to find an attractive redhead wearing a red cocktail dress. Oh, sorry, I should mention that she isn’t a redhead as in, with Irish descendants, but rather that she is dying her hair red. Don’t get me wrong, Sue is the sexiest of the two, but this girl must definitely turn heads too.

Sue quickly presented me Annie, her best friend, roommate, and colleague at work.

“We’ve been sharing everything for so long now”. Sue declared, to which Annie added “Including the latest gossip… lover boy…”, to with both girls laughed as Annie toured my living room.

Some girls are closer to their best friend than to their boyfriend and I had the impression that Sue and Annie were in that situation.

Before you start imagining things, really close best friends are not necessarily bisexual partners in bed.

By the time the two girls had exchanged notes about my apartment right under my nose, including a detailed description of our shower and later fun in my bed, there was a knock at the door.

Before I talk about the door, I should feel flattered that Sue spoke about both the strength of my erections and my performances with oral sex, focusing on how great it felt to have such a wonderful man in her life.

Now, back to the door, I didn’t have time to reach it (I was opening a bottle of wine) before Sue opened it and welcomed Nicole, a blonde with luscious curly hair wearing more conventional clothes (a pair of jeans and a nice white blouse) who was accompanied by her boyfriend, Gus.

Nicole was definitely more reserved than my first two female guests and while I usually didn’t like blonde girls that much she definitely had the nicest hair of the three girls. Sue had nice long non-styled brown hair. She had the body of a Goddess, but ordinary plain beautiful hair. It shines, it’s well brushed, but simple. Left to fall on it’s own and usually tied in a ponytail.

Annie, it was clear, spends a lot of time handling her hair, from the striking color to the careful way each strand of hair is positioned to look at her best. Personally, I found it was too much.

But Nicole, she had what looked like naturally curling blond hair which flowed as they talked.

Don’t think I am falling in love, the hair doesn’t match the girl… I don’t think I saw her smile of the entire evening and the little she talked didn’t inspire me at all…

In fact, take Nicole’s hair, Annie’s dress and put them on Sue, and you have the perfect girl! Or drop the dress… just take Nicole’s hair on Sue’s naked body and you have a perfect girl.

Now, Gus on the other hand, was the perfect image of a douchebag.

His bleached hair was gelled to stay high with a pair of designer sunglasses stuck in them, his too small silk shirt was half opened to show his shaved muscled chest and his tight designer jeans laid too low, showing his boxer briefs peaking from them.

Wonderful. I spend most of my time avoiding them and now, one of them was in my apartment.

While welcoming Nicole, Gus retired to the bathroom to check his hair, not even bothering to close the door to muffle the sound of his own voice congratulating himself for his hair…

This will be a long evening.

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