Sue Chapter 7: The shower

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There was a knock on my door at 4h50, with Sue arriving a good ten minutes early to help.

Arriving early is rude, I already explained it. But in this case, Sue was officially coming by to help me prepare for a party, in which case arriving early is indicated.

Sue had a bottle of wine, so I kissed her on the cheeks while taking the bottle. Just because we had sex twice already didn’t mean I had to presume she wanted to be intimate. A kiss should be special and shared, not stolen.

I took the wine bottle but she didn’t let my kiss rest. As soon as I had placed the bottle on the table, Sue launched herself into my arms and passionately kissed me.

I could feel her body pressing against me but I resisted the temptation to hold it with my arms as we kissed, so I instead wrapped my right arm around her shoulders, under her ponytail.

I was trying to show her that I was a caring man, and not just a sexual partner, but as I was finishing my thought, she began untying my belt.

“I thought your friends were coming by…”

“They won’t be here until 7, and I need to take a shower.”

She quickly pulled her dress above her head, revealing she was complete nude under it. We kissed in my kitchen but soon migrated to the bathroom where I prepared the shower. I only undressed when the temperature was perfect, as Sue was keeping me busy with kisses between my checks.

There is another calculated decision: I always leave in the shower an Axe body wash bottle, an unwrapped brand new Ivory soap bar as well as an unwrapped brand new Dove soap bar.

Personally, I might surprise you, but I wash with an Ivory bar which I always hide under the bathroom sink when I have guests over. Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t like showing half used soap bars to my female guests.

I am very fortunate with my apartment: the water heater is in my bathroom closet and as such, the shower takes record time to heat.

Oh, did I mention that I have a separate shower from my bathtub? For me, this was primary criteria when apartment shopping. I also needed it to be a big shower for female guests.

Sue didn’t know, but showering with a girl is on one my biggest turn-ons: you are both naked, wet, close to each other and it is really hard to avoid physical contact.

I am pretty sure that a shower I took with my first girlfriend so many years ago before we were even sexually active (and that I was still a virgin) probably fixed the context in my fantasies but it’s something I am rather comfortable with. The fact she didn’t dess up right after it and I did also stirred up another fantasy, but that’s a discussion for another time.

To my surprise, Sue actually wanted to take a shower and not just spend time with me in it. She unwrapped the Dove soap bar without asking my permission and began to rub her body with it sensuously. She did try to keep her hair away from the water, but the tip of her ponytail was soaking wet.

Ok, fine, I admit, she might have only begun washing herself and my perception, crossed with my fantasies, upped the ante.

She asked me politely to wash her back, after which she kissed me passionately.

I won’t hide the fact that I had an erection for the whole duration of the shower, a fact she visibly saw but innocently ignored until now…

“Oh my, somebody has raised his hand for attention”, she declared, looking at my erection once she was rinsed off all of the soap. “Do you think I should talk to him?”, she added in a flirting mood.

She first turned off the water to keep her hair dry and slowly dropped on her knees.

She began “talking” to my erection by kissing the tip of my penis and slowly getting more and more of my member glide between her sensual lips.

I did frequently moan and congratulate her on the quality of her technique because believe me, she had a flawless technique. I could feel her tongue pressing on my shaft without her teeth getting in the way. She was salivating plenty to make sure I was comfortable. A perfect job from a perfect girl.

Still, I don’t know about you guys, but I have never had a girl actually finish a fellatio she started without interruption. Regardless of how excited I am, regardless of how much I want to honor her by finishing quickly, It takes me a few minutes of oral sex to get me finished.

Usually, this means the girl will just tire before finishing, but Sue isn’t a quitter. After a good minute, she paused and instead decided to give me a hand job while kissing my still dripping wet balls.

Slowly my pressure was building up and I was entering the nice pre-orgasm zone in which most of your muscles start to tense up.

Sue quickly resumed her sensual blowjob and I warned her that I was about to erupt. It’s always the polite thing to do.

She gave me a thumb up, as to say, go ahead and it was exactly what I needed to let it go and ejaculate deep into her throat.

She didn’t flinch and instead, kept going a little while as if to make sure I was done.

“That was really nice”, she added, almost stealing my words.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“Well, you should get cleaned up, we have guests coming in a few hours…”

She pulled on my still erect dick one more time and quickly got out of the shower, leaving me puzzled.

By the time I was out of the shower and dressed back up, she was all dried up on my bed, but still fully naked.

“Maybe you could return the favor?”, she said as she spread her legs…

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