Sue Chapter 18: The odd date

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Sue was still nervous.

“So what is your plan? Where do you want to take this?”, she asked, hesitant.

“Tonight, if Annie is available, I will invite her for supper at my apartment, for a proper date. We will get to talk, and later, take things slowly to the bedroom so that we can get to know each other a little better.”

Sue seems disappointed but still smiled.

“Only”, I added, “I won’t have my date with Annie. I’ll have a kind of double date… You’ll be there too.”

Sue’s eyes showed confusion, so I kept control of the narrative.

“Tonight, I plan to ravish you, to pummel you in my bed while Annie is next to us and see our chemistry.”

Sue seemed like she wanted to object, but I put a finger on her lips.

“No, don’t worry, I am not asking for anything between you and Annie. But did you know that Annie has been dreaming for a while to do this? It’s tonight…”

Sue seemed reassured.

“It’s time that Annie stops hearing of your sexual life and becomes a witness to it. After you and I are done, once I recover, I’ll take care of Annie. But you come first.”

Sue kissed me. “See, that’s the kind of man I want…”

“One more thing, however…”

Sue waited for my comment.

“At the date, while eating supper, I want you naked.”

Sue seemed surprised. “Naked?”

“You already spend a lot of your time naked in my company. I really, really like it when you are nude… especially when I am not and it’s not strictly sexual.”

Sue looked at me, hesitated a second, and pulled her dress over her head, revealing her sweet nude body.

“Like this?”, she asked, with a flirtatious tone.

“Exactly like this. This is what I prefer that you wear at my apartment… or yours.”

Sue’s eyes brightened. “Ooh… talk about taking charge! So tonight, at supper, I’ll be naked with the two of you clothed?”

“Well, my plan was for both of you girls to be nude while I serve you food in one of my most elegant set of clothes, but I can understand if it’s too much”.

Shit, I shouldn’t have said that… it broke the guy in charge illusion.

“No, I think I’d love that. I think I’d love that very much… Let me get Annie back here.”

Wait, what? I offered the date in the evening…

I rushed to prepare a decent breakfast for three while Sue called her roommate back. I wondered if I had other things to prepare. My erection in my pants was a clear sign that I had recovered from Annie, but what else did I need to prepare? I had enough condoms… did I have clothes? Yes, I did have an outfit in mind.

I was in my bedroom, finishing to change when there was a knock on the door. I rushed to the living room, seeing my naked girlfriend welcoming my previous sexual partner.

Annie waved at me, apparently unfazed at Sue’s nudity.

“So, lover boy, we have a new dress code in your apartment?”

Sue replied: “We sure do!”

Annie quickly stripped and soon enough both of my recent sexual partners were naked in my living room.

I served them each an omelet I had whipped up with some ham and cheese. Omelet are tricky: they are fancy and look extremely complicated, and don’t get me wrong, they are… but with enough practice, you can make a very decent and even good one, and I practiced a lot!

Eating breakfast with two very sexy naked young women is something every man should try… if they can…

I missed huge parts of the conversation: I wasn’t ready for this experience this fast, but the gist of it was Sue confirming what I said about Annie seeing us have sex, and Annie confirming, with Sue being sad she had never confided in her.

Both found my breakfast delicious, even if a little rich for that they usually eat. They also spoke about a trip they took which their current nudity reminded them of. I did hear the words “clothing optional” over their laughs, but I was definitely the third wheel for once.

Once we were done, I waited for a pause in the conversation and once I saw my opening, I grabbed Sue and brought her on my lap, kissing her and caressing her body. Annie moved one seat closer and took Sue’s former chair, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer so I could kiss her while Sue was kissing my neck.

When I felt I was fully erect, I gently put Sue down and grabbed both girls, each by a hand, and pulled them toward my bed.

I gently put Annie on the further side of the bed and put Sue in the middle.  While I undressed, Sue undid her ponytail, and gave her elastic to Annie, something I found seriously too erotic in my mind for the actual content I was seeing.

As soon as I was naked, Annie grabbed a condom from my bedside table which was right next to here, probably remembering where I had grabbed one barely an hour before.

I saw Annie rip the package open, and saw that she wasn’t giving it to me, instead, she kissed me on the lips and pushed me next to Sue, who laughed a little.

Kneeling on the bed, Annie arched over her best friend and performed oral sex for a few seconds to ensure I was fully hard, and gently placed the condom on the tip. She did a perfect job, pressing the reservoir to avoid an air bubble.

Gently, she unrolled it and once done, she kissed me and returned to her side of the bed.

It was Sue’s time to kiss me, as she seemed to prepare to slide her secret garden over my dick, but I whispered in her ear “Turn around”. She kissed me some more and just whispered, “I like how you think”. Annie looked excited.

I gently entered Sue’s rectum which was a lot looser than the previous day: Sue was clearly more relaxed than the first time. The pivot was ever faster: just a few thrusts and I was on top of her, leaving my body exposed…

That’s where I pulled Annie in. I used my left hand to help with Sue, but I used my right one to pull Annie much closer so I could kiss her while sodomizing her best friend. I laid her right next to her roommate so that their bodies practically touched. I began caressing one of Annie’s breasts, but soon enough, I had my fingers inside of her juicy vagina.

I did kiss Sue several times, but I made sure she was seeing what I was doing with her friend while I was rocking my hips deep into her. At some point, I realized that both girls were holding hands, which only strengthened my resolve.

Honestly, had I not have sex twice in the last few hours, I could have come already, but I managed to last long enough to make Sue climax with plenty of reserves left. I gently rolled my girlfriend on the side opposite Annie. I only had to say a single word: “Condom” and Annie understood.

She pulled a new one but I am the one who put it on, replacing the one I had used with Sue.

Annie mounted on top of me, like earlier that morning, which was fine by me: my performance with Sue had drained part of my batteries.

Speaking of Sue, she wasn’t knocked out at long as the previous night and soon enough, she had gotten close to me and was pressing her breasts on my side to kiss me while Annie was still going at it.

I began caressing one of Sue’s breasts with one hand while playing with one of Annie’s breast with the other. Soon enough, both girls once again were holding hands.

Annie came and I began wondering if I would, but Sue had a plan… She pushed Annie aside and positioned me so I was kneeling over her.

“I want you to come on her tits…”, Sue said.

I masturbated as Sue was kissing me and caressing my back, while Annie was wantonly looking at my motion.

I exploded all over Annie’s chest, including her breasts, and Sue began licking it all up. I knew Annie had said she wasn’t bi, but I guess I should question Sue too…

The tip of the iceberg was that for the last drop, Sue picked it up with her fingr, and pushed it in Annie’s mouth.

I placed myself between the two girls, and they both snuggled next to me.

It this wasn’t heaven, I don’t know what heaven is!



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