Karen Chapter 20: Fifth Wheel

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Karen was already nude, so upon the invitation, she simply jumped on the bed and joined the two girls.

Each of them spared a hand to caress her body and alternatively kiss her.

One of the boyfriends, the one with the girls with the long hair, whispered: “Why don’t you join us”.

But Karen replied in my place. “He prefers to watch, and I like to put on a show for him. Isn’t that right, honey?”

“Yes, indeed!”, I said, even if I would have given anything to be able to join the party.

Karen was very forward and removed the bra from the short haired girl. By then, the three girls were kind of forming a triangle, with each girl sitting with their legs on the side. I could see Karen’s luscious ass almost pointing at me, teasing me as if it was there to remind me of what I was missing out on.

The boyfriend of the short-haired girl asked Karen if he could touch her. “You both can, and if your girlfriends are ok with it, you can both, once we are done between the three of us, have your turn with me.”

The short haired girl visibly liked what she heard as she plunged in to French kiss Karen, but the long-haired turned and exchanged a few whispers with her own boyfriend.

He smiled and kissed her.

Karen helped the two girls get nude, and soon enough, they were laying on the bed, almost rolling on top of each other, caressing each other’s bodies.

The two guys initially moved away, but soon enough, each of them found their place on opposite sides of the bed.

One of them half blocked my view, but I could see that the girls were no longer limiting their hands to the breasts of the other girls: they were masturbating each other, trying to cause a crescendo of pleasure.

Karen was the first to change side to start performing cunnilingus on the short haired girl, but the long-haired one took the opportunity to return the favor to Karen.

It didn’t take long for the boyfriend of the long-haired one (sorry, I have no idea what any of their names are!), to go down on his girlfriend, leaving the other guy to caress both his girlfriend and my wife.

It seemed clear, however, that this wasn’t going anywhere. Were the girls really bisexual?

The long-haired one was barely active on Karen’s crotch and the short haired one seemed more interested in her boyfriend’s touch.

It didn’t take long for Karen to change things up.

She interrupted what she was doing and asked if it was time for the boys to put condoms.

Both girls nodded, and they returned their answer by undressing as fast as they could.

“Which one do I pick?”, said the boyfriend of the long-haired one, as he began putting a condom on.

I couldn’t help but notice that he was better endowed than I was. Damnit, were all of the guys superior to me?

Karen took the stand while looking at me eye to eye: “With you girls’ permission, perhaps he could start with me, and then, once he is in the mood, get one of you? I already came a few times, I just want to feel new long and hard cocks deep inside of me. I had more than enough orgasms for now!”

The Longhair girl, his girlfriend answered with a lot of hesitation in her tone: “I guess you should start with her, but then, if you want, we could swap so I do him?”

The “him” in question was still unwrapping his condom when the young stud was already plugging into Karen who sent me a devilish smile.

I could notice the other guy was struggling: he wasn’t completely hard.

His girlfriend told him to get closer and they kissed while Karen was getting gently in the mood.

“Honey, don’t stand there, can you please hold two condoms for these guys?”

I nodded and picked from the nearest bowl just as the second guy had managed to get hard enough with the efforts of his girlfriend to finally get his condom on.

“Time to switch!”, Karen said. “I don’t want to be self-centered…”

Her first partner exited, removed his condom and gave it to me, taking a second one instead.

In the meantime, the second guy took his place between Karen’s legs.

The two guys were going at it, side by side, leaving only the long-haired girl alone so he spent the time by caressing Karen and kissing.

Karen’s partner, however, was more interested in the long-haired girl and kept touching her so that eventually, she turned and they began kissing.

This time, Karen only had to say “Go” for the switch to occur. She had played her role and was no longer part of the action.

I wondered what would have happened had she not showed up? Did she manage to break the ice enough for the couples to go through or would it have worked anyway?

I realized that I knew nothing about swinging and in fact, that I knew little about sexuality in general!

Once again, I grabbed the used condom and give one back. Both used condoms were now in the wastebasket: Karen was being prolific tonight and I couldn’t even get an erection.

Karen was stuck between the two girls as they were swinging, so gently, she slid to the end of the bed and left both couples to their own intimacy.

She kissed me. “That was hot! Are your balls blue enough? I bet tonight gave you wonderful memories for your spank bank. I am sure you will have a lot of fun masturbating when thinking back about tonight”

Damn, she was good! She knew exactly what to say and what to do to increase my frustration.

“Huh…”, I said.

“Oh, silly me, that’s right. I took your favorite toy away. Well, guess what, I am not done for the night yet. Mistress needs more cock!”

She left the room and I followed in tow.

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