Karen Chapter 24: Trying the sleeve

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This entry is part 24 of 18 in the series Karen

Lydia really wanted to try the sleeve, so we went upstairs where Karen had a devilish idea.

She grabbed the belt of my bathrobe and tied my hands to the bedhead so I wouldn’t be able to touch our guest.

It’s only once that was done that she undid my pants and made me bottomless.

“I still can’t get over this thing. And it’s true? You didn’t take it you since your anniversary?”

“It is, and I don’t plan to remove it until his birthday in a couple of months”

“Wow. And he can’t get erections, right?”

“Nope! He is completely impotent.”

Lydia began touching the tube, inspecting it, but soon stopped.

“I can touch, right?”, she asked.

“You can do anything you want dear, he is in no position to say no, and I really like it when you tease him”

“Yeah, what do you actually get out of it? I mean, Don’t you miss his cock?”

“Not really. I mean, there are plenty of other cocks, right? That’s why I did last night. I am not sure what I really get out of it, but it’s kind of my fetish, my thing. I want the man I love caged and incapable of sex without my permission”

At least she admitted she still loved me!

“And he really is incapable of it?”

“See that bar? It goes thru his dick. Without the special key, there are no ways to remove the device”

“Wow. So he is trapped?”, she said giddily.

“Well, honestly, he could find a way to cut the car, or steal the key from me, but I told him, if he really wants to stop the game and remove it, he just needs to ask me and I will unlock him either right away if I have the key with me, or like if he asked yesterday at the club, we would have left to unlock him at home”

“Oh, so he can just ask”

“Yeah, but what did I say would happen if you did, little Chasty?”

“We’d divorce and that would be the last time I see you”, I said.

“Oh, that’s devilish! If I ever lock a guy, I’ll have to remember that!”

“Yeah, speaking of guys, where is your boyfriend?”

“Ah, yes, my boyfriend. Ok, so first, he complained too much that he didn’t want a chastity thing, so I decided to come alone. No need for him to be so insecure all day. Sorry if you really wanted to see him”

“No, I really wanted to see you”, Karen replied.

“OOh… nice. I really wanted to see you too!”, she replied.

The two nude girls exchanged a brief kiss over my gently twitching dick.

“And second?”, Karen asked.

“Oh right, second, to be honest, he is not really, really my boyfriend. He is more like a friend with benefit. He is too dumb and simple to make it higher.”

“Ah, I see…”, replied Karen.

“So, the sleeve?”, asked Lydia.

Karen took it out from her bedstand, along with some KY.

“It’s all cleaned up. Let me place it”, she began.

“No, let me.”.

Karen nodded and gave it to her. She played a little with it to try to get it in place under the watchful eyes of my wife, but soon enough, it was in place.

She squirted some KY on it and began jerking it a little.

“You feel nothing, Chasty?”, Lydia asked.

“Almost nothing. You still move the cage a little so I can feel that, but no pleasure or stimulation.”

“Good”, she said, and Karen laughed a little. I looked at her and she locked eyes with me, smiling. I smiled back, even if I wasn’t sure why she was smiling: because he loved me? Because I was getting teased?

Lydia straddled my legs and gently guided the sleeve, which contained my tube, which contained my dick, inside of her.

“Oh yeah, it’s so hard and big. That’s the shit!”, she said, gently rocking her hips.

“I know! It was better than I had dreamed!”

“How long were you planning this?”, she asked, while stimulating herself on my body.

“Oh, years! Since before I even met the poor sucker. Don’t get me wrong, I do love him, but the way I see this, this was always in the cards, ever since I was a teenage girl. I knew my husband would be kept chaste.”

“Wow, years of planning”, she said, without stopping her grinding.

“The piercing was last year, and I had the cage for a while, but I was a little scared. What if I didn’t like it? What if he ran away?”

“But it worked out”

“So far. Let me tell you something if we don’t work out long term, the next guy, he won’t be so lucky”

Lucky? I thought. This was being lucky?

“What do you mean?”, Lydia asked, a little out of breath.

“He won’t get to have sex with me at all. He’ll get the cage before we have sex, and won’t get to put his dick inside of me without it. This guy had five full years of sex with me, and now, a few times per year”

“A few times per year? That’s it?”

“That’s it… and no unlocks in the 7 months between his birthday in June and Christmas!”

“Wow”, she was getting more and more into the mood, while my dick hurts from trying to get hard. I couldn’t even touch her body with my hands tied between my head.

Karen gently began caressing Lydia’s body, perhaps so she would get something? Perhaps to help her come?

“Oh yeah”, exclaimed Lydia.

Karen got closer to her and alternated between kissing her and sucking on her nipples.

Lydia put her hands on my stomach to help her keep her balance as she was accelerating her thrusts.

I looked intensively as both girls were either kissing or looking at each other as if they were in their own little bubble as if I wasn’t in the room.

My cage was used as nothing more than a dildo as Lydia was attempting to climax while returning all of the affection and attention toward Karen instead of me.

Soon enough, one of Lydia’s hands left my stomach as she stimulated her clitoris to help her finally unlock an orgasm, with Lydia moaning loud and long while still on top of me.

Karen eventually moved away and Lydia left me to cuddle with her. I was left alone on my side of the bed, with the sleeve still on and my hands still tied.

They remained silent for a good minute or two and Lydia spoke first.

“Thank you for that. It was amazing: no fear of premature ejeculation and the idea that he couldn’t feel anything? That’s a major mindfuck!”

“I know, right? It’s fantastic!”, Karen replied.

“I can see why you have this fetish.”

They stayed silent for a little while.

“Listen, how bi are you?”, Lydia asked.

“What do you mean?”, Karen replied.

“I mean, you had sex with us last night, you touched me, but up to where does it go? I mean, is it just sex or do I have a chance of some sort?”

“A chance?”, Karen asked.

“Nevermind. It’s stupid.”, Lydia replied, ashamed.

“Do you mean, do we have a chance of actually dating, like me loving you? Well, I don’t know if I can love you specifically, but I don’t think your gender is a problem. I could date a woman”

“Good”, replied Lydia.

“Plus, you don’t have a dick to lock up!”, finished Karen.

Lydia laughed a little. I didn’t.

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