Karen Chapter 19: Women on Women Action

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I approached the bed but noticed that the husband was standing up instead of laying on the bed.

“She’s been waiting for decades to try this. Thank you mate”, he said in a thick Australian accent.

“Having sex with a woman?”, I asked.

“Yeah. It’s been tearing us apart, her not knowing how it’s like. I’d prefer she was either straight or bi, but I’ll take that she is gay over the fighting, the suspicions, the arguing”.

I put my hand on his shoulder.

His wife was now nude and despite her age, she was indeed still attractive. I had empathy for the man: I might be in a tough spot sexually, but at least Karen and I weren’t arguing and she didn’t seem to be on the verge of leaving me.

Karen turned to me. “Honey, why don’t you go get me a drink from the bar, I am thirsty!”

I acknowledged and went to leave but the man asked me for a beer if they had some and offered to pay for both drinks and mine but I knew what was expected of me and just refused.

Mona was at the bar, with a few new couples mingling. I asked for a beer and a screwdriver but when I offered to pay, she refused.

“If we sell alcohol, we are a bar and the police can raid us anytime but if I give it away, we are just a private party. ”

While she prepared the drinks, I looked at the clients.

Both of our previous partners had left: I guess they had enough. Two couples were talking on the other corner of the bar and were in their mid-twenties. It looked like they had found each other.

Another couple in the late twenties seemed shy on the other end: they were whispering and it looked like they felt ill at ease.

I approached them and introduced myself, in case Karen still wanted some action.

Lily was 5 foot 2 and I guess could be described as being curvy. Black hair she had a round face which was rather attractive and mostly, a deep cleavage in her v-neck shirt that showed heavier breasts than I was used to. It’s her partner, Hugo, that seemed worried. He kept pulled on his purple shirt as if it didn’t fit and fidgeted on his seat as if the air of sexuality bothered him.

“It’s not my first time in a swinger’s club, but this is my new boyfriend’s first.”

Ah, that explains it!

Mona gave me the drinks, and I thanked her.

“I have to go, but perhaps we can talk after my wife is done?”

“Sure”. Lily thanked me and I returned to the bedroom, seeing Karen on top of the older woman in a 69!

I gave the husband his beer and kept the screwdriver for now. Instead, pain in my groin rose as I saw my wife expertly caress the woman’s private parts.

Both seemed in another world and I didn’t dare bother either of them!

I heard some noise behind me and saw the two couples from the bar enter the room opposite ours.

For a few minutes, I observed the action while I could hear the muffled sound of sexual activity in the other room.

The older women let out a soft moan, tensed up and relaxed. It was far from Karen’s intensity but my wife still understood and lay beside her partner but toward the front of the bed so I could observe her stunning beauty.

I was lucky despite the cage, Karen was absolutely stunning and I now had the chance to look at her nude body more than ever.

This time, it’s Karen who left the bed, only to be replaced by the husband. The older couple began whispering and I saw them kiss.

“How are you holding up?”, Karen asked me.

“I am fine, what about you?”

“I am having the time of my life! I am hearing some action nearby, more clients?”

“Yeah, two young couples and there might be an interesting couple at the bar.”

“Let’s go survey the clients!”, she said, pulling me by the hand toward the door, still fully nude.

We crossed the corridor and saw that the two young couples were doing heavy petting on the bed. The women were in varying states of undress: one was topless while the other still had her bra. They were kissing, while the boyfriends were behind them, still fully clothed. The one behind the topless one was playing with his girlfriend’s breasts from behind her, while the other was kissing his girlfriend’s neck.

Both guys turned when they saw us enter and they clearly had their eyes on Karen. I looked at their girlfriends: the topless one had nice hair and a cute face but odd shaped breasts which, visibly, didn’t bother her. The other one still had acne on her face and was rather pale, but the least attractive feature was her short behind the ear hair.

Karen approached the bed, but I stayed behind a little. “Room for one more?”, she asked. both girls looked up. The short haired one just asked “Bi?”, to which Karen replied “Hell yeah…”. Both girls smiled and the short haired one motioned her to join in.

Here we go again! So, Karen would go from 5 sexual partners tonight up to 9! I couldn’t really complain, I had a great time with Rani and the view was amazing.


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