Karen Chapter 10: Making it to 48 hours

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I left for work very frustrated. Not only I couldn’t have sex with my beautiful wife, but someone else would tonight.

I seriously considered my options. Should I be the one leaving? Should I just put my foot down and tell her I had enough?

But I knew my wife. She did have a short attention span. If I had to suffer this for a few days.. .a few weeks, gulp, a few months maybe, I would be worth it since once she will have moved on to something else, she will love me even more for it.

When I arrived at work, she tested me a picture of herself, naked on our bed, using a vibrator, with the caption “Can’t wait to get the real thing tonight”.

Just what I needed!

I concentrated on my tasks, which was much easier on the second day, but soon enough, another text arrived. “Found a guy, booking a motel room for tonight.”

I couldn’t just let it go.

“Seriously?”, I replied.

Her text came back almost instantly.

“Seriously. Get with the program. This is happening. I just put another red stone in your bag. Love you!”

That woman will drive me crazy!

so I replied, at my risk and peril.

“But do you, really?”

It took 6 minutes for a response,  but it was a large one.

“Yes, I do. Do not doubt it one minute. The guy tonight doesn’t mean anything to me, he is only a borrowed cock. That’s all. My main fantasy isn’t using cocks, it’s locking one up. Tonight will bring me closer to you, not to that asshole. To me, he is nothing more than a vibrator. Now, I might say things otherwise, I might say really mean things to you, but it’s all part of the fantasy. My fantasy is with you, not with him. Love is caring, and I don’t care about him, but I do care about you. I might have a fucked up scenario in my mind, but I had to wait 4 years before I was willing to really take a step forward toward it, and another year to get the courage to give it to you. Sure, it was delayed, but honestly, the sleeve wasn’t that bad. I just wasn’t mentally ready. Now that I am, I have this plan, this scenario in my mind that I want to play out. Once I am done with it, we’ll talk, we’ll decide what we do next, but until then, please, please trust me. I love you and don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to replace you. I just want to”

And this is where the text ended. I replied with a question mark, but she let it hang.

I tried calling over my lunch break but got to voicemail. I wondered if something had occurred to her if she was mad at me.

It’s only later in the afternoon, a little after 2, that she sent another message.

“Sorry, I was overwhelmed emotionally, but I do mean everything I said. We’ll have tons of fun with your little tube you and I. I promise that. If you end up not liking it, we’ll try other things, but please, let me get this out of my system. PS: I added a white stone to the bag out of guilt of not finding what to reply to you earlier.”

Good, and the white stone was a good news.

Friday afternoon traffic is always worse than the rest of the week, so I only got home at 5h43. I searched for my wife in the living room and kitchen, but found her on the bed, reading on her tablet, still naked from the morning.

We kissed and asked each other how our days went. She apologized again the for pause, and talked a little about the man from tonight, not that I really wanted.

“I basically picked a moron. He is only 23, high school drop-out, muscular, but apparently dumb as a brick. On Tinder, he could barely type. I wanted a guy that I could be attracted to physically, but repulsed me otherwise, to try and reassure you. I would never date a guy like him…”

I felt a little better.

She picked up her phone, unlocked it, and shoved it in my face. It was his cock.

“Look at his cock. So massive compared to you little dick. With him, I won’t need oral sex to get an orgasm. Unlike you, he’ll be enough down there.”

I felt an extreme pain in my chest, I could barely breathe. I had never been so humiliated in my life. A small tear began to go down my cheek.

“Oh chasty, I am teasing you. Get used to it. Emotional torture is part of the game. Now, why don’t you go make supper?  I’m going to continue my reading and come downstairs at 6h17 when you will have been 48 hours in that thing.”

She patted me on the back.

“You’re a big boy. You know you love me, you know I love you, and you have a sexy naked wife. You loved me even before we had sex for the first time, you’ll survive this. Tell you what, tonight, I’ll give you 2 draws if you behave with him, and I’ll guarantee a black one. wouldn’t that be great?”

“I guess”, I replied, not really convinced.

“That’s the spirit, champ! Now, go make some food. Your wife needs the energy to fuck a dumbass tonight”.

I stood up from the bed and she slapped me on the ass.

I wasn’t sure I was liking the turn of things.


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