Karen Chapter 5: Frustrated at work

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This entry is part 5 of 18 in the series Karen

I wouldn’t say that my alarm clock really woke me up, but rather simply marked the end of my torment.

Every time I was about to fall asleep, an involuntary erection would start and be restricted by the metal device Karen had installed, waking me up.

I wouldn’t say I didn’t get any sleep, just not enough to satisfy me.

Was this a new parallel to my sex life?

Karen woke up soon after. “Hurry up, you don’t want to be late for work, little chasty…”

I decided to open up.

“This thing kept me up all night. I don’t mind playing with it at home, but can you please remove prior to work or at least, when it’s time for sleep?”

Karen untied the chain around her waist and grabbed the special tool to unlock it. My dick began to harden as she inserted the key in the special lock.

“Wait a minute, you want me to remove it so soon?”

“Yes, it’s uncomfortable when I get erections.”

She removed the key and while talking, refastened the belly chain.

“But I don’t want you to get erections at work, so, you’ll go to work with it. As for tonight, the sellers guarantee that it’s only a matter of days before you’ll be able to sleep through the night. It’s just a question of your body getting used to it. It stays, and that’s it…”

She lowered her head and kissed the metal cage.

“I like it too much… Now, honey, go prepare breakfast while I masturbate to your misfortune…”

“But…”, I tried to reply as Karen pointed to the door…

I took a shower, got dressed, shaved and made breakfast as best as I could.

Karen eventually joined me, already dressed for work, and soon enough, I left for work, knowing she would only start working later in the day.

If I thought the commute was hard with the various potholes and abrupt starts and stops, concealing the device from my colleagues was surprisingly easy.

My suit pants were not tight enough to reveal anything and the little bulge that did show wasn’t that different than in the past. That was a relief.

I sat at my desk and tried to concentrate as much as I could on my workload, but sadly, the metal tube kept reminding me of my current predicament, either because I slightly shifted on my chair and the tube brushed against my tight, or my penis slightly moved inside it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to work, but instead of being fully focused on my job, I had a constant reminder of how frustrated I already was despite having had sex the previous day.

It was weird. If for some reason, Karen and I didn’t have sex for a few days, I would start to get frustrated sexually. I would normally fix that frustration by masturbating but this was now out of the question.

Now, however, the tube seemed to accelerate the build-up of frustration. It wasn’t even 24 hours yet and already, all I could think of was Karen’s naked body.

Around 11h, I received an SMS from my wife. She asked me if I was missing her and I quickly responded that I did.

“Go to the bathroom, take a picture of it, and send it to me”, she replied.

What? was my first thought, but I remembered how she had been and as such, I quickly went to the bathroom, hoping that following her directions would reduce the length of my sentence, but knowing her, I was probably in deep with both feet stuck in concrete.

I went to the small single bathroom and not the main one by the cafeteria, to make sure I was fully alone.

I dropped my pants and looked at it some more. It was rather good quality and was rather ingenious in it’s design… I received another SMS from Karen: “I am still waiting, are you chickening out?”

So, I took my picture and sent it to her.

She quickly replied: “Awesome. Great wanking material… have a nice day, chasty!”

A few seconds later, I received an MMS picture of her, naked on our bed, masturbating. I knew she was at work, so my guess was that she had taken the picture earlier this morning.

The error I made, however, was that I looked at it… I became interested, I imagined her caressing herself, having pleasure, and normally, this would give me a nice satisfying erection. In fact, I had masturbated a few times in this very bathroom on days where the stress was too high at my job (or at home).

But now, all I could feel were the walls of the tube closing in on my very partial erection.

Of course, the tube wasn’t getting smaller, but my dick was desperately trying to get bigger with little success.

What was I getting into?

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