Karen Chapter 9: morning draw

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This entry is part 9 of 18 in the series Karen

I was awoken by Karen when she left our bed for the bathroom. I guess it was a good sign. I sat on the bed and thought about my life. Was I really that miserable? I checked in my boxers and was wondering what I really thought about my new tube when Karen came back in bed, still naked. My alarm was set to ring in 20 minutes.

“Today is Friday chasty! You know what that means?”, she asked.

“You don’t work today”. My wife only works 4 days per week, well, most of the time. She still needs to come in on some Fridays to help, but usually, she stays home on Fridays.

“That also means I am not wearing clothes today! hurray! You get to go to work in a boring office wearing a boring suit, and an exciting metal tube, while I get to play with dildos, my fingers, and have as many orgasms as I want. Aren’t you happy for me?”

I knew she was teasing me on purpose, so I said that I was.

“Speaking of a happy, did you sleep better?”, she asked, with a real concerned tone.

“I did. I was only awoken twice by an attempted erection”.

She hugged me. While still hugging me, she added. “That’s wonderful. Perhaps only once tonight, and by Monday, you’ll be sleeping through the night.”

“I hope”

“Hey, would you like to try to get me to climax with your tongue this morning? You might get to draw a stone…”

“I guess”, I replied, half awake.

“No, you don’t guess. If I want oral sex, I get oral sex…”

She laid on the side of the bed and asked me to kneel on the floor so I could properly serve her.

She helped me by masturbating while I performed oral sex on her, but the speed at which she came didn’t tell me if I was responsible or if she was. Still, she came, so I could draw a marble.

“Listen, honey, why don’t you get dressed, start eating breakfast while I recover, and you’ll draw it before leaving for work. Does that work?”

I guess it didn’t have a choice…

Karen stayed on the bed and looked at me getting dressed. Soon enough, I was in the kitchen eating my cereals when she arrived, still naked, with the bag.

Karen explained. “So, there are still 11 black stones, and 1 red stone If you pick a black stone, I just remove it. But if you pick the red stone, I get to pick something horrible for you, and in exchange, you get 10 new black stones, 2 red stones, and 1 white stone. That’s still clear isn’t it?”

“Only one white?”

“Chasty, don’t be greedy…”

Ok, I decided to shut up, and pulled my hand in the bag she was holding.  I pulled a single stone, and to my horror, I discovered it was the red one.

“Already? Wow! You are one lucky bastard chasty! That means that you get to have a white stone added!”

“Yeah, with one chance out of 20!”

“No, one chance out of 23. 20 Black stones, 2 red and one white”

Shit, that was right.

“Do we really have to do this?”

“Listen pal. I am having fun. So for now, it continues. We’ve had sex almost daily for 5 years. Are you telling me you can’t wait a week?”

“No, it’s just… a little unfair…”

“Is it unfair you get to see your wife naked almost all of the time? Is it unfair that you get to touch her, kiss her, hold her, pleasure her when most of your friends are in miserable marriages with almost no sex at all? ”

“Put that way…”

“ok, so tonight, for your punishment, you’ll get to see me have sex with another guy.”

“What? I never signed up for this. “, I exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry then”. She unhooked the chain around her waist and gave me the key.

“Remove the tube then. You go all in, or not at all. It’s that simple. You don’t want me to have sex with another guy, I understand. You can remove the tube, experiment over. I’ll go dress back up and you can go to work.”

“Wait, that’s it?”, I asked, puzzled.

“Yes, that’s it. Don’t worry I won’t be mad. I’ll just be gone. I won’t make a mess, I’ll grab my things and find myself another apartment. I won’t even make a mess financially. We’ll have a clean simple amicable divorce.”

“No, I don’t want that… I love you, Karen.”

“Well, I love you too. I would be sad for us to get divorced. So it’s your choice. I know what I want. If you don’t want it, I won’t force you, but count me out.”

I gave her back the key. I couldn’t risk losing her.

She smiled, reattached the key around her waist and changed her tone.

“Remember chasty. This is the moment you agreed to be kept in chastity. to make sure you remember your choice, I will replace your white stone with a red one this morning. Next time you reject my ideas, I might not be so indulgent. Now, get moving, I don’t want you late at work.”

I decided to keep my mouth shut, but I was slowly realizing I was in for much deeper than I thought.

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