Nancy Chapter 3: Shaking

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This entry is part 3 of 0 in the series Nancy

I was still dizzy. The whole school year, naked.

I reviewed my options in my head: endure it and soldier on, or return home and do pretty much nothing with my life.

Of course, I could wait a year an try another community college somewhere in any state: I was rejected because they thought I would fail and I ended up graduating, it was just too late for the fall semester.

It was late, and Melody ended up grabbing me by the hand. “Leave your stuff here, come with me”.

I didn’t say anything and followed her upstairs.

“This is my room”, she said. I mindlessly followed her inside.

“Listen, Nancy, you look like a deer in headlights. I don’t think this can wait until tomorrow”.

She closed the door behind us and closed the curtain in the window.

“Don’t worry. It’s for your own good”.

I looked at her, puzzled. She began undoing the buttons on my blouse. I realized what she was doing and I was panicking inside but remained calm and quiet on the outside.

One button led to another, and eventually, the blouse was pulled off my shoulders and was thrown on the bed.

My bra was next, and I had the reflex to clench my breasts. “No, no no… you can’t to that. If you do that, you get detention”

My panic left a little room for outrage and anger, but my body remained stoic.

I was told to kick off my shoes, so I did.

Melody attacked my jeans and pulled both the jeans and my panties at the same time. I wanted to hide my bush, but I resisted. I had to get used to it.

My socks were next.

“No shoes or socks either?”, I managed to ask.

“Nothing. No makeup, no jewelry, nothing put anywhere on our body or in our hair. Only glasses are allowed, but well, neither of us wear them, so we’ll be fully nude.”

I stood there, fully nude in front of my best friend. I shook a little, not really from the cold but because I couldn’t fully contain my terror inside of me.

“I discovered my own interest at a party. I had sex with Scott Jackson, remember him?”

I nodded.

“But I was rather drunk and forgot to get dressed afterward. I was applauded and then, Kyle Porter and Jake Cambell each had sex with me. I was in heaven!”

I would have been terrified.

“You were?”

“Yeah! But when I am drunk, I don’t feel much, so I promised myself to stop drinking, and I kept that promise ever since.”

That, I knew it was bullshit…

“But I saw you drunk at so many parties! The pool at Jake’s house? You were so drunk you blew most of the guys!”

“Nancy, just because a girl pretends she is drunk, doesn’t mean she is. I haven’t had a drink in over a year. I did pretend to drink screwdrivers, I just, each time, took the vodka from my personal stash: it’s just plain water”

My mind was blown.

“So you really are a slut?”

“And proud of it. I managed to get a list of all of the male students at the college and plan to work my way thru it. I already did the two in this pension.”

“I met William earlier”

“Oh, he is in? Wait there, I’ll fetch him”

“No, please…”

“Nancy, in two days, you’ll be naked in school. Now is not the time to be a little chickenshit. Grow a pair.”

I nodded. She left me alone and I sat on the bed. My legs were shaking, my arms were shaking, my soul as shaking.

Should I return home? Grow a pair, she said. That was easy for her to say, it was her own fetish, but it wasn’t mine!

She returned soon after, with William in tow.

“Wow”, he said. “You are absolutely gorgeous”

“So, William, remember when I was talking about my best friend Nancy, well, that’s her. It’s her first time nude in front of others, isn’t that right, Nancy?”

I nodded

“Wait, weren’t you at Scott’s birthday party?”

“I was”

“We all skinny dipped in his pool!”, she said, excitedly.

“Not me”.

Her face told me she was disappointed.

“So, William, she is hot, right? Nothing to worry about for Monday?”

“Oh no, she will be very appreciated.”

I looked at my feet.

“See, you’ll fit right in Nancy. Ok, so, William, in your male appreciation, should she come to college or return home to the shithole town we came from”

“Oh, she should definitely come to college. Nancy, the food is great, the teachers are hip, well, most of them, and we have epic parties. It’s officially a dry campus but there is always contraband and the college doesn’t care.”, he explained.

“Oh yeah, that’s the fun part. According to them, most women are witches, so they expect us to misbehave. We can sleep around, party, and no one says a thing. William and I had long talks about it.”

“But aren’t there some laws against this kind of thing?”, I asked.

“It’s a private religious college, on paper at least. The whole CMNF thing is enshrined in their own brand of Christianity and they take their law degree very seriously. Any male alumni would offer to defend the college pro-bono because of the great time they had here. Imagine… most of the female students behind nude! They don’t even mind paying extra tuition to cover for the girl’s tuition”, she explained.

“My father graduated from here and met my mother here. She was in the same residence you were. The first time he saw her with clothes they were already engaged: it was at graduation!”

It was a lot to take in.

“And today, what about her?”, I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, do they still do CMNF?”

“How the hell should I know? If they do so, it’s not in front of me. They do have fond memories of college, both of them, not just my father. Both insisted I study here, they thought it would help forge my character as a man”

“Oh, that makes me think”, said Melody. “The college also thinks the nudity helps force the character of women. Perhaps even you!”

I was stunned, but somehow, my nudity, even if I was the only nude person in the room, wasn’t that strange anymore.

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