Karen Chapter 4: Sleep Routine

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This entry is part 4 of 18 in the series Karen

Supper was a lot more frustrating than I thought it would be, but then again, Karen was especially demanding of me just to get me closer.

I had to cut her salmon a few times (not that it really needed any cutting as it almost melted in your mouth) as well as half fill her glass of wine several times over the long meal. She would take every occasion I was close to play or rustle the chastity tube with her hand to try and increase my frustration.

Slowly, I was beginning to realize that she seemed rather serious in her resolve and that she seemed rather happy with the outcome.

I don’t think I had ever seen her smile so much for so long.

“Is this something you’ve been thinking for a long time Karen?”, knowing that after having drunk that much wine (even if they were half glasses), she would be especially frank and open.

“No, not really”, she said, blushing, with a tone telling me she was visibly lying, not so much to me, as to herself.

“Karen… you can be honest with me…”

“Ok, fine, I’ve been dreaming of this since before I even met you. There is something in enforced chastity on a male which turns me on. Even the first time we had sex, it’s all I could think about. Locking your little dick in a metal tube and teasing you for it. Every time we had sex, I fantasized I would lock you up right after”.

She was looking at her plate, unable to look at me in the eyes, playing with the little pieces of salmon still on her plate.

Her admission surprised me, but in reality, not that much. It made me think of all of the times she preferred receiving oral sex or playing with dildos. I had thought it was perhaps because I was inadequate, but now, I realized it was her fantasy all along…

“But you do love me, Karen, right?”

“More than anything. This isn’t to punish you at all. You are a wonderful husband. I just have a weird fantasy I want to try…”

“It’s not that weird. I love you too. I’d do anything for you…”, well, I secretly added in my mind, as long as this isn’t permanent…

Karen’s eyes lit up. “For real?”

She jumped on my lap and began to kiss me. Feeling her light naked body pressing against mine was something which had already brought an erection, but not today. The device made sure of that…

“Bathe me”, she asked after we broke our kiss, and, surprised as I was with the request, I left the table and prepared a bath for my wonderful wife, wondering what she had in mind.

I decided to take the occasion to draw a bubble bath, like she enjoys, and made sure the water was the perfect temperature: too hot for me, but just right for her.

She arrived as soon as I turned off the faucet.

“Sorry it took me so long to join you, honey, I was busy masturbating on our bed, thinking of your situation…”


“Why didn’t you tell me, I would have helped you?”

She put a finger to my lips and told me to shush.

“My little eunuch, sex is for me now. You are just an accessory. I don’t need you every time…”

With that, she entered the bath and once installed, I undressed and got ready to enter the bath, but she stopped me. “I said Bathe me… kneel on the side and wash me..”

Puzzled, I began washing her delicate skin with her favorite soap. To help me, she stood up in the bath a few times to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, but of course, she took the opportunity to play with the tube a little.

We played a little, I must admit, kissing each other on several parts of our body, and her, splashing some water on me or scooping bubbles to either push them on me, or her sensual body.

But mostly, we laughed and visibly had a lot of fun.

I think I washed her body several times, and she even had me shave her legs, showing me how to make sure I did a good job.

By the time she finally excited the bath, the water was cold, the bubbles were popped, and the sun had set.

I took a cold bath as she ordered while she brushed her teeth, and joined her in bed once I was done with my own routine.

To my surprise, she was in bed, still naked, usually a sign she wanted to have sex, but just asked me to cuddle next to me, explaining she had already had 4 orgasms tonight….

“Four I asked?”

“I masturbated to two…”.

We spooned and she insisted to be the big spoon, “Or you’ll poke me in the ass with that metal thing all night”, she explained.

Karen fell asleep almost instantly, while I struggled with my new predicament.

My friends had warned me that by marrying Karen, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. They were never so right!

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