Karen Chapter 14: Second round

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It really didn’t take long for “Chuck” to come back to the motel: He admitted he hadn’t even had the time to get back home.

Karen hadn’t even bothered to hide in the bathroom: I opened the door, let Chuck and and he quickly saw that my wife was naked on the bed.

“Nice” he said, except it wasn’t really “Nice”, it sounded more like “Noice”.

Karen patted the bed next to her. “Some sit down sweety, I want to ask you something.”

Chuck seemed puzzled, as if he was unsure who she was talking to. “Yes, she is talking to you…”. He looked puzzled but still sat next to her.

“I did call you for a second round, if you are up for it, but I wanted to ask a big favor out of you: would you mind it if my pathetic excuse of a husband was in the bed while you shove that big dick of yours into me for the second time?”

“Hey, I am no homo…”, he said, insulted.

She put her hand on his thigh. “No no no… don’t get me wrong. I don’t want him to touch you, or you to touch him. I want to touch him and kiss him when you make me cum to remind him of how sorry of an excuse of a man he is.”

Chuck looked at me. “Hey dude, are you okay with her calling you that? I mean, that’s hard…”

Karen grabbed his chin and turned his head back toward her. “Hard, funny choice of word. Did you know he can’t get hard for me, unlike you?”

“What do you mean, he is impotent or something?”

Karen laughed. “There is a little of that, he was never as hard as you were, but not, it’s because I locked his little dick in a metal tube to prevent him for getting hard.”

“But why?”, he asked, confused. “Well, to keep all of this”, she waved her hand in front of her naked body,  “just for you. Isn’t that right chasty? You can’t have my body anymore?”

I knew she was just playing with my emotions, so I decided to play the role. “Yes mistress, you are locking my pathetic sorry excuse of a dick so you can keep your body for better men like him”

Karen smiled wildly at me and mimicked a kiss with her lips in my direction. “Ok, then let’s do it… You”, she said, pointing to Chuck, “You’ll take me doggy style, but keep most of your clothes on.”.

“Right on!”, he said.

“And you, little worm, get naked and under me. I want to lay on top of you.

I hesitantly undressed with Chuck’s eyes riveted on my crotch. He laughed so hard when he saw my chastity device that he brought Karen to laugh and my cheeks turned red.

They exchanged together a few humiliating comments, but I was just concentrating on hiding that my cage was twitching of excitement. My mind might feel hurt, but my dick certainly loved the situation.

After a while, Karen was kissing him and they were both distracted so I discreetly pulled out Karen’s phone which was still nearby and placed it gently on my clothes so it would record our first threesome of sorts…

I wasn’t sure the image would be centered properly, but the audio should be perfect.

I approached the bed, and Karen motioned me, without breaking her intensive kissing session, to lay on the bed.

Once I was laid comfortably, resting my head on the pillow, she crawled on top of me, and kissed me passionately. I could feel her breasts pressing on my chest and her crotch rubbing against the tube.

I could hear Chuck behind me getting ready, just as Karen whispered in my ears “you were perfect Chasty. You are playing your role perfectly. I love you so much”. I replied that I loved her as much just as Chuck was preparing to enter my wife.

“Hey sweety, you already used my cunt, would you prefer to use my sweet tight ass? My husband, the loser, always begged me to fuck me in the ass but never got the courage to just take me. Will you show him how he should have done it when he wasn’t locked up?”, she asked, while looking intensely at me.

“You sure?”, he asked (thought it sounded more like “Yah su?”. Karen looked at me with a question in my mind. I nodded, I mean, what else was I going to do? My penis was struggling to try and break its confinement at the idea of another man sodomizing my wife. MY wife.

My traitorous organ was now in the driver’s seat I guessed. Well, to be honest, Karen was, but within my own body, it was he that agreed with her. I no longer had real agency.

She kissed me deeply and murmured. “You make me so happy, and so horny…”. “Yes sweety, plunge deep in my behind.

I could feel her body, still pressed on top of mine, being pushed as he surprisingly gently began to enter her most intimate hole. I could see in her face she was tense and worried, but I kissed her to reassure her and she reciprocated rather lovingly.

He managed to get all in, or so I understood, and gently began rocking her tiny body with his thrusts.

Oddly enough, my mind raced to remember the last time I had myself sodomized her… and couldn’t think of an answer! I don’t think I had actually performed anal sex on her since my piercing, which was done specifically to keep me in chastity so perhaps she had planned it a long time ago.

She brought me out of my internal musing by more whispering. “He came rather recently, so I am hoping he will last longer, perhaps I will for once have a proper anal sex relation, unlike with your pathetic attempts.”

Ouch I tough, but the little twitch in my dick told me it was rather exciting. I knew she was most likely playing and saying things to torment me, but still… she was really good at it.

Karen began being out of breath rather quickly, and slowly, lost grip on the mattress with her arms so I could feel the whole weight resting on mine, and every move by Chuck was felt on my thighs and stomach.

But Karen was devious: she was gently trying, and sometimes succeeding, in rubbing her clitoris on my cage. I couldn’t really feel it directly, but I could understand easily that this is what she was doing.

“Oh my God, he is so good…”, she whispered, and then, she wizened up and rose her voice. “Oh my God, you are so good! So much better than my husband ever was…”

Chuck laughed, and began rocking her even harder. “Yes, harder, faster…I can feel your hard dick plowing deep in me, in depths I never knew with the small dick of my worthless chasty”.

She said it with her eyes closed, but something must have clicked in her mind, as she opened her eyes in a panic and looked at me, worried. I nodded and smiled at her.

“You didn’t go too far”, I said. She looked at me, dumbfounded and kissed me passionately.

It didn’t take long for him to come after that but I didn’t feel Karen having an orgasm. He stood up by the bed, removed the condom and got dressed by up. Karen got off of me and laid next to me, cuddling next to me, and began mind-absently playing with the tube.

He actually thanked her, but she told him to shut up. “I should thank you, you are giving me more pleasure in one night than in my five years of marriage. I will be calling you again… perhaps real soon. You now have the number one dick in my life”, she completed, while her hand was playing with the tube.

She stood from the bed, hugged him, and then kissed him passionately on the lips.

“Can I call you?”, he asked.

“No, but you can message me. Perhaps send me some picture of your working out or something… I might send you some pictures of me…”

“Awesome”, he replied.

“Now go, I need to torment my worthless chasty to remind him of what he is missing out on.”

He began walking toward the door, but then took one last look at me. “Dude, that’s messed up… “. He was laughing as he closed the door behind him.

Karen was visibly excited, she was jumping in place, with her small firm breast wiggling around.

“Oh my God, oh My God. You were amazing!”, Karen said, hugging me.

I was stunned by her sudden display of affection toward me as she was deeply kissing me and caressing my body.

“You are really making all of my dreams come true.”

It’s then that she went calm and pressed her naked body against mine, in blissful relaxation. I could feel her muscle relax as she just let her happiness take over.

I pondered my situation. Was I really that much worse than I was, say, a week ago? Had my life really taken a turn for the worse or was I overall happier?

Gone was my sexual anxiety, gone was my feeling of being inadequate and a lot of the time, gone were Karen’s clothes… which were all positive points!

If I simply had to give up a few orgasms after 5 years of almost non-stop sexual intercourse, was that so bad?

Sadly for me, as Karen was gently touching the tip of my penis, my dick seemed to fully agree with this new predicament.

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