Karen Chapter 2: Testing it

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This entry is part 2 of 18 in the series Karen

“That’s not an answer to my question…”, I replied when my wife Karen had simply answered “For fun honey! Don’t worry, it’s not permanent…” when I asked why she had put a chastity device on my penis.

“I know. But you know me. I am impulsive. How many piercings did I get and later got rid of? This is my newest phase. It will probably pass too…”, she told me.

Ok, that made sense.

“So, what do we do?”, I asked.

“Well, I want to try it. Let me get the lube and the sleeve.”

The sleeve? What was that? I got the answer fast enough when she produced from the box a hollow latex dildo which she first rolled up, and then unrolled on top of the metal tube. A little KY gel was then applied generously.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t feel at all her hands as they moved on the fake skin which, I noticed, even have veins added for texture.

The diameter was definitely wider than with my natural erections, and the dildo itself added a good 3 inches to my normal length.

If anything, that scared me, because I was afraid Karen wouldn’t go back to the real thing after feeling this monster inside of her. Still, I loved her…

“You are supposed to be able to have sex with me with that thing. If it doesn’t work, I’ll remove it and we’ll forget about it…”, she simply said once she was done applying the lube.

I agreed, and we moved to a comfortable position so that Karen could be on top.

She slowly aligned herself, let the latex sheath slide inside her still wet vagina. Ok, I admit, I couldn’t feel that it was still wet, but I knew my wife. Having sex once with her usually only made her even hornier…

In the past, I couldn’t get hard fast enough to take advantage of it, but with this artificial contraption, the timing wasn’t a problem, it was indeed taking advantage of it.

My dick struggled to get an erection which only made the tube somewhat “harder” and more interesting for her. Of course, the tube isn’t what was harder, what was happening is that the pivot on which it was installed, the base of my penis, was more resistant to movement, making it easier for her to control the direction.

It was both exciting and frustrating. Exciting because it was clear that for the first time in our relationship, my wife had inside of her a tool which was apparently of an appropriate size. It was exciting because I wasn’t fighting premature ejaculation.

But it was frustrating because I couldn’t feel any sexual pleasure from the movement. I couldn’t feel any friction or even pleasurable vibration of any sort. I could feel, when the tip of the sheath would touch the end of Karen’s vagina, that the whole assembly was suddenly pushed downward, but while not painful, it wasn’t any sort of relief.

I could find some pleasure looking at my wife’s beautiful body moving to find her perfect pleasure spot. I could find a lot of sensations by caressing her breasts and her waist, including playing with her new chain. I even touched the tool to unlock the tube which was dangling from the chain.

Karen took much longer to climax than I thought, and screamed stronger than ever before, collapsing on the bed, with shaking legs, next to me.

She remained motionless for several minutes as I hesitated as what I was supposed to do, but eventually, she asked me a single question.

“Did you feel anything while in it?”

“No”, I replied.

“Good” was all she said before rolling on her side.

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