Faith Chapter 15: Aisha

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I was still with Yoko when the door opened behind us, and the presenter arrived to join us.

“Ah, there you are Faith! I had heard of your arrival but had not had the chance to talk to you before now. I am Aisha and I very happy to met you.”, she said, extending her arm.

I noticed the beads on her bracelet. They were golden, purple and black. Golden? I had not seen that one yet.

She seemed genuine enough, so I took her hand and shook it.

“Likewise. That was amazing, you speak Arabic?”

“My mother is from the Emirates, but my father is was a US Army officer stationed there. That’s how they met.”

Oh, so she wasn’t very tan but rather middle-eastern! Her facial features however didn’t let transpire anything.

“Interesting background. So you are kind of the mistress of ceremony?”

“Yeah, but more than that, the girls around here kind of treat me like their union rep, so if you ever get into a problem with upper management, let me know. They can’t afford to piss me off…”, she laughed.

I looked puzzled.

“Well, my dad is the VP of security for the company, so if they don’t treat me well, I can always complain to daddy…”

Wait, her dad?

“Hold, you father works for them and he lets you work on this boat?”

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

“Well, he kind of doesn’t have a choice does he? I am the one who got him the job 5 years ago!”

I took a good look at her. She didn’t look that old to me…

“You’ve been on this boat for 5 years?”

“Well, no, the boat didn’t exist 5 years ago. Back then, we only had the emirate resort. I’ve been with the company for 8 years now and I got my father at head of security 5 years ago.”

“Eight years?”, I said, shocked. “So you are 26 or older?”

Yoko turned away her eyes.

“Well, funny story… I am actually 24. I joined them when I was 16. But hey, don’t think they are actually supporting pedophilia: I didn’t have the right to have sex with anyone until I was actually 18. Now, they make it simpler, no one under 18 period, regardless of their inclinations. Yoko here had to wait 2 weeks in an hotel room for her birthday to pass!”

This was a lot to take in…

“So, you’ve been sexually active with clients for 6 years now?”

“Oh hey, don’t judge…”, she laughed. “I also haven’t worn any clothes in that time! Yoko and I are pretty much full timers. We don’t take vacations off boat. We are all in. You don’t have to be, I just don’t see any appeal to see the outside world, I have everything I want right with the company.”

“No clothes? Not even when you see your father?”

“None! He got used to it. My mother struggles a little, but she still sees me often at the Emirate resort. You might get to meet her. Really nice. She is slowly accepting my life choices. Unlike Yoko, I didn’t really have to run off from my family, and unlike you Faith, they didn’t really abandon me. It’s society as a whole I rejected and I am really happy for it.”

Did everyone know my history?

Still, it was interesting. I guess there are many reasons for joining the company!

“Can I ask what happened to you, Yoko?”

She replied, a little shy. “I am from a small traditional city in Japan. When I told my parents I was gay, they did everything they could to convert me to being straight, including calling favors from our ancestors and trying to get me to have sex with boys. I left and became homeless. I was raped multiple times: in Japan, 95% of the homeless are old men and a few forced themselves on me. One the company employees spotted me in the streets and offered me a job, and a place to stay.”

“And nothing here bothers you?”

“No. Nudity isn’t seen the same way in Japan. We have public baths where people bathe nude. It’s divided by gender, but it’s certainly not as taboo as in the United States”

“Wait a second…”, said Aisha. “Did you girls know that the apparently prudish United States has one of the highest percentage of their population that is nudist? For every oppression, there is a counter-revolt. This company is there specifically for that! We let girls like us revolt against the roles that society want to impose on us.”

“But with certain obligations, rights?”, I asked.

“If you mean the nudity, yes. That’s the dress code, but other than that, Yoko, in the 2 years you’ve been here, have you ever been forced to do anything you didn’t want to do?”

“No, not once”, she replied.

“Now, I would be lying to you, Faith, if I said that the company doesn’t put pressure. Yoko, did you actually want to serve sushi in the first place?”

“No!”, she said, almost horrified. “I imagined all of these old men grabbing sushi from my naked body and fondling me. I felt revolted at the idea, and I felt like I was being typecast for being Japanese.”

From her body?

“So why did you do it?”, I asked.

“Well, Aisha took me to the Sushi bar and I saw how it occurred. How the girls were treated with respect if they wanted, and more roughly if they wanted otherwise. I also saw the tips they leave and the mood. I decided to try it and I loved it.”

“Of course”, said Aisha, “it doesn’t always end well. We always have girls say yes to things and realize too late it went too far for them. We apologize, give them a few days of rest, let them recover, give them help, and then encourage them to be more prudent.”

“Like the time I agreed to attend the post race party. I vomited my meal midway and Aisha encouraged me to remain here until she would fetch me.”, said Yoko, looking at her feet.

“What did they do to you?”, I asked, horrified.

“Nothing”, she replied. “It’s what they did to Helga! That reminded me too much of my bad experiences.”

“Was Helga ok?”, I asked, worried.

Aisha laughed. “Helga, and Kayla for that matter, are, let’s say, built differently than the 3 of us. They are in much deeper things than well, Yoko can tolerate. I don’t want to presume anything from you Faith, but I would rather you get settled before going to see if this is for you, not that you have to. Not everyone is ready for a black bead.”

“Yeah, what is that. I notice you have one…”

“Ok, so the black bead is for BDSM stuff. Things like sado-masochism, whipping, bondage, anyting related to pain. Only a few girls have one, so don’t feel pressured at all, and even those with one have way different limits. Me, for example, I have it because I will boss around other guests and other girls, but no one bosses me. I am a top.”

This was way too much, way to fast…

“And the gold one?”

“Ah, that means VIP. Guys can’t just decide to pay me, they need to jump thru hoops or seduce me. It’s a little like a yellow bead, but more expensive, more exclusive and so very much sought after. There are only a very select club of us on board and we usually hold important posts, like me, as MC, or Gloria as our, well, resident Madame? The one who supervises sexual activities.”

“And Lidya”, added Yoko.

“Lidya is different. She is in another class…”

“Who is Lidya?”, I asked naively.

“The only wife of the CEO which interact with clients. He picks personally who she can have sex with.”

“Oh…”, I said.

“Anyway, tomorrow Faith, first thing in the morning, I want you to come to my cabin. It’s number 345. Easy, 3, 4, 5. I’ll help you get setup. Meanwhile, your own cabin is 213. Yes, you are on the 2nd deck, and you share your room with Paula. She is relatively new too, only been with us 3 months, but she is quite nice. I hear that she doesn’t snore, so that’s a plus.”

“Heidi said she is quite nice as a roommate”, said Yoko.

“Oh right, Heidi is in the Sushi bar now with you! You’ll see quickly Faith that all of the girls know each other and you will quickly see that here, we don’t bitch or go behind anyone’s back. Any girl who does drama or starts rumors will quickly have to deal with me…”

Aisha was definitely a whirlwind. Yoko and I continued talking to her for about an hour about well, pretty much everything, from how all three of use were bullied in high school, how some of the clients are, which girls are nice (most of them) and which are too different (mainly some of the green-black girls) for us to really interact with them. I learned that Yoko wanted to be a chef when she leaves the company so they teach her how to do sushi for now, while Aisha is basically doing an MBA on board in the hope of reaching management level in the company.

I wondered, what could I do? I spent my life just surviving and now that I had a job, I also had to think of my following career?

This was too much for me, and yet, I wasn’t in a hurry to leave. I felt like I was slowly making friends in the weirdest environment, and yet, it was also freeing in a way.

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