Cookie Chapter 1: Butterfly

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As I hear my wife climaxing next to me, I wonder if I will be able to achieve anything with Sandra.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Sandra and her husband’s ability to make my wife climax so audibly is making grateful. Sandra’s visible interest in my body is also admirable.

But did she have to be a fountain? I mean, come on, I can barely feel anything. There is as much friction as during an ice skating sprint! I feel like I am I gliding in a tube of oil.

Sandra’s breasts aren’t that bad, and her kisses are passable. Her touch on my skin is almost pleasant. No, the only problem is the overproduction of lubricant in her otherwise tight pussy.

I looked by my side and I could see Cookie, my wife, rolling on her back between Sandra’s husband (was it Robert? Bob? I couldn’t remember) and Sandra and I.

I grabbed Sandra’s shoulder and turned her toward us, hoping for a kiss, but instead, Cookie went for Sandra’s luscious lips.

Wait, Lucious? No, my wife’s lips were luscious. Sandra’s lips were, well, nice? Yes, nice. I think my confusion is that Sandra knew very well how to use her lips…

Her husband was almost falling asleep on the other side of the bed, but I was still trying to get a grip in his wife’s cunt. God.

Cookie and I aren’t really swingers. We’re… something. We used to like the term Kinky, in our beginnings, but apparently, we don’t have the right term. Our best metaphor is that we are butterflies.

Tonight, we are in a swinger’s club. Tomorrow, we might go to a BDSM dungeon. Last week, we went to another one. In fact, we frequent 6 different BDSM dungeon because, in each of them, we use different roles, different ways to play with BDSM.

We are butterflies… we take some pollen here, some pollen there, never get too deep in one field, and switch to another. Most people we meet in our different outings are hard believers in their lifestyle or whatever, so we present to them a slice of our life. Just a sliver, a peek of one of the facets of our couple.

Good, Sandra is starting to get into the groove… I can feel her muscles tightening which is helping a lot with the friction. My wife’s delicate touches on Sandra’s body are probably helping.

I would get there. Now that my wife was next to me, I could touch her soft skin, caress both girls’ hair and breasts. I could find other sources of stimulation then Sandra’s hot tub. Sorry, bad analogy, but hey, it was really what wet in there, abnormally moist!

After over what, 40 or 50 swaps, this is what I get? I wouldn’t wait to tell Cookie about it, but I didn’t want to destroy Sandra’s confidence… she was a nice girl after all.

What pushed me over the edge was my wife’s sensual kiss. Ok, Sandra’s contractions helped when she climaxed, but I don’t think it would have been enough.

As always, our sexual partners were wasted and both of us were left more or less satisfied. Wait, Cookie winked at me. Did that mean? I made a puzzled look, and she lifted 8 fingers. Wow, I guess I really got the short end of the stick tonight. Maybe I should I fucked Sandra’s husband instead! Paul? Rob? BERT! That was it, Bert.

Cookie and I sat on the side of the bed and exchanged a long kiss. Without saying a word, I removed the condom, cleaned up a little with a towel and dressed back up. Cookie, as always, left her clothes in the corner of the room and we left our partners on the bed to go take a drink. She would only grab her clothes at the end of the evening, which sometimes meant going on a treasure hunt!

My wife’s actual name is Bernadette, but she hates it. Very passionately. She became a cook and adopted the nickname “cookie”. Ok, that’s the story she gives, but it was actually a bully who called her cookie because she was always a little crazy. Again, Butterflies… She would be hated because she would participate in both too many things at school, and not enough.

I know, it’s not clear… everyone kinds of accepts that there are overachievers who are on the honor roll, student council, yearbook group, etc… You also have people who join one group and loves it, like the A/V club or Varsity football. But someone who participates for fun in a few of them that have no link with each other? She got bullied for it.

I was too, I mean, I didn’t go to the same high school, but I was pretty much in the same position. My nicknames weren’t as nice, so Luke is enough for me.

We got a lot of glances at the bar. Well, Cookie did. She always did and always loved it. Granted, her nudity was like a magnet, but even when she wore clothes, her long legs, her thin waist, her jet black hair would turn heads.

“You looked bored”, she told me.

“No friction, way too wet”, I admitted. We tended to keep our exchange short in a place like this. A few words, little syllables. At home or in private, we’d have long conversations.

“Wanna use mine?”

“Yeah, but I need to recover first.”

“There’s a nice couple there, on the couch, perhaps we can try again?”, she suggested.

I looked at them. The girl looked nice but the husband was much older than she was.

“Is it fair for you?”, I asked.

“Bah, I already came, I’ll take one for the team if you want…”

“Let’s go talk to them then!”

I grabbed my wife by her nude waist and we gently moved toward the couple, seeing a smile appear in both of there faces. Perhaps the night wouldn’t be that bad after all!

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