So which of the characters of my stories would I prefer dating?

I recently made an interesting blog article about my female characters ranked in order of preference. You can read it here.

Three of my regular readers contacted me to know if Stephanie (my number 1 rank in the previous article)  would be the character I would love the date the most, and surprisingly, she isn’t!

So, I began thinking and made a new list in order of which already published character I would like to date and opened up the list to other candidates: the secondary female characters!

This could add to the top the following characters:

  • Kim, from The Circle
  • Aisha from Faith
  • Yoko from Faith
  • Amber from Pets
  • Annie from Sue
  • Laura from Harmony

Eventually, a secondary female character joins Karen, but while she is written, she is not published yet.

But if I exclude the lesbian characters I couldn’t even date, That leaves me with:

  • Kim, from The Circle
  • Aisha from Faith
  • Annie from Sue

And that’s it! Three more characters. I was surprised because Harmony has a LOT of female characters but they are all minor compared to Laura. Faith also has a lot of characters, but apart from Aisha and Yoko, they are not yet really recurring.

That will leave me with a top 11, which is as follows:

11 – Karen

It shouldn’t surprise you that Karen is once again at the bottom of the list. I don’t think I would be happy at all being married with her. Now, dating her as a bull (a non-chaste male who dates the wife of a chaste male) would let her rise a few notches but honestly, if I want a serious relationship her husband would be in the way. Sorry Karen, you are really hot and sexual, but you are someone else’s fantasy.

10 – Aisha from Faith

She is at the bottom of the list simply because she is really a very high priced prostitute. She fully enjoys selling her body for a high amount and while she is hot, most of my female characters are so it’s not enough for her to rise in the list.

9 – Harmony

She drops a few slot simply because she isn’t relationship material: she finds sexual partners, not love partners. She has a lot of drive and a lot of range in the types of lifestyles she enjoys, but would I want to date her? Not that much. I feel like it would be like trying to catch rain with a strainer.

8 – Cookie

So Cookie drops a lot of ranks because well, I don’t know anything about her relationship! We only see her from the point of view of her husband and only during events. What is she like in their day to day life? No idea. She is interesting when she goes out but that’s not even every week!

7 – Faith

The last blog entry says it all: “her drive is mainly to survive and to me, that’s less interesting”. If she had had a better life growing up, she would be less driven only by survival, but honestly, she would be like any other girl and thus, possibly less interesting. This is why she drops ranks: she still is interesting as a character, just not for dating.

6 – Alex

She actually fares better here! OK, so hear me out, if I was the one dating her, she wouldn’t have to flee away since I am not a money launderer. Slowly, you will discover however that even before fleeing, she was a lot more sexual than she cares to accept. Still, her repression of her desires is a bit of a turn off for me, and apart from sex, I don’t think I would get along with her.

5 – Stephanie from the Circle

She loses quite a few spots because of her mental illness issues. She is my most interesting characters to me, but would I actually prefer to date her over any of my other characters? No, because right now, in the time of the story, she is relatively stable but what about the future? Will her problems resurface?

4 – Annie from Sue

I really like Annie. She has a problem dating men that are not Sue’s boyfriend but if you can get past that, she is a very loyal and interested girlfriend, she is curious, sexual, affectionate and she is the one who introduced nudity to Sue! She is just a little less interesting than Sue or other characters even if only because she is a secondary character.

3 – Kim from the Circle

Kim is a lot more interesting to me than Stephanie: a lot more stable in her mental health, very sexual, patient and empathetic. She cares a lot about the people she loves and is in a few ways, wilder than Stephanie. The only reason she isn’t as high is that she is less defined than the main characters but that will change over time.

2 – Ellie

Well, yeah, of course she would be in the top two again: I admitted the last time that Ellie was my preferred character from the old site, so if Stephanie dropped down, Ellie can maintain her position! But she once again misses the number 1 spot and for reasons similar to Stephanie: her desire to be nude and in fact, many of her decisions stem from trauma not genuine interest. It still makes her a very interesting character but long term, won’t that cause baggage? I mean, Pets will not depict decades of relationship with Richard so these won’t show up but will she remain as interesting in her thirties? If they have kids, won’t trauma resurface as she faces her childhood issues?

1 – Sue

She rises by 2 positions because, in a relationship, I don’t care as much about “her range of desires and level of variety”, but the rest still holds. She has a very good mental health, is very loyal and very open to a lot of things just less than Ellie but then again, the main character of Sue doesn’t really push for BDSM so who knows if Sue would be responsive like Ellie was?


If I do keep writing, this list might change for a few reasons:

1 ) The Circle is only getting started and Kim might rise in the ranks above Ellie!

2 ) A secondary character might be added to Alex, but I am not sure: My goal right now is to make the other characters as abstract in Alex’s mind to isolate her a bit

3 ) The secondary female character from Karen will be more interesting than Karen herself, but still would be in the bottom half of the list.