Writing again? Writing again!

I published a new Karen chapter this week. It’s far from my favorite story but it was easy to write since it’s a direct sequel to the previous one.

I also wrote half of the next The Circle chapter and made new notes on Sue for the next 2 to 4 chapters.

But more importantly I reread all of my stories except for Pets and Harmony.

I am slowly trying to setup once again a new schedule for writing, so I am crossing my fingers it will work.

I got a new job and a longer commute, so my new plan is to write on my commute and that where I wrote the new material.

It’s not easy however… I am not always seated on the bus and sometimes I have peekers: people who look at what I am writing.

But I am hopeful it won’t be only for my vacations like last year!

My plan is to move The Circle forward a LOT as well as Cookie and perhaps Faith (update April 14th: I did publish a new Faith chapter!)

Let’s hope I can: in the last year, even without new chapters my number of visitors increased drastically!