Karen Chapter 11: The motel

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Karen had dressed back up casually after a pleasant super. Of course, she waited near the end and made plenty of comments that she couldn’t wait to get her pussy destroyed by “BrickLayer420”, or that she hoped he would love her tight pussy that hadn’t been stretched for years due to my tiny dick.

But honestly? I was starting to not feel as angry. Wounded a little, yes, humiliated indeed, but angry? Not anymore. This was becoming something else. It was like sexy talk. You know, like when we would go see a movie and would see sex on the screen, she would whisper in my ear “Guess what we’re doing tonight”. Or we’d ear a sexy song on the radio and Karen would make some lewd comment going my way.

The tone changed a little, the content a lot, but the playfulness and the teasing were the same. Instead of “I am in hurry to get home so you can fuck me all night”, it was “I can’t wait to tease your brains out by fucking this dude”.

It might sound completely different to you, but to me, this was still my wife. The same Karen I’ve been in love with for years.

The motel wasn’t that far away and I was, of course, sent to pay the bill. Karen insisted it was my privilege to pay for the room since I would get a private show, JUST. FOR. ME.

In reality, we had a joint banking account and with the money we made, a cheap 2 hours motel room for $45 wouldn’t hurt us a lot. I was starting to get the idea that a lot of what she was saying was mainly for the role, that perhaps, a lot of her words and actions were roleplay. If that was the case, all I had to do is trust her.

When I joined her, she had picked up a bucket of ice from the machine on the balcony. I didn’t ask why, but as soon as we closed the door, she stripped naked and put her clothes in a drawer. I noticed that she didn’t have the chain and the key. Afraid to answer questions?

She gave me her phone and asked me to take a picture of her, naked face-down on the bed, with only her legs and fantastic ass showing. after approving, she texted it with our motel room number to “BrickLayer420” and the wait began. He replied he was close within 2 minutes and that the picture was “nice”.

“Are you ok?”, Karen asked me, concerned. “We can still cancel if it’s too much for you… I mean, I want us to have fun.”

So she was having some doubts! That was probably the most reassuring thing I had heard since I began wearing my prison. I decided it was time to fake it until you make it. I didn’t want to lose Karen, so if this is what I needed to do for now, this is what I would do for now.

“We drove here, you texted him. I am here for you, don’t back down or you will regret it and resent yourself”

She looked at me, rose from the bed and hugged me. After a few seconds, I could hear that she was crying and said “I really hit the jackpot when I married you. You really are my soulmate”.

I almost replied, then let me out of this thing, but no, I just held her and replied that I was lucky too.

There was a knock on the door at that exact moment…

“Oh shit, he is here! I’ll go in the bathroom to dry my eyes, invite him in!”, she said, running to the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

Nervously, I opened the door and the man, “BrickLayer420” was standing right on the other side of the door. He just said, “huh… do I have the right room?”

“Yeah, you do, I’m her husband. Don’t worry, I am just here to watch”.

“Yeah, she said that. Weird, dude. Whatever floats your boat…”

I let him in and closed the door.

“Huh.. is she here?”

Karen yelled from the bathroom “Getting ready for you!”

“Sweet,” he said.

I looked around the room, and there was a chair near a small table. I pulled it and sat beside the bed. I was about to motion him to sit on the duvet when the bathroom door opened, revealing my naked wife.

“Hello Sexy”, she said, with a flirtatious tone.

“Wow, you are gorgeous”, the brute replied.

Karen approached him, and while looking at me, straight into my eyes, plunged into his arms so he could hold her. Smiling at me, she only broke visual contact to start kissing him passionately.

I would say it disgusted me, but the pain from my tube was telling me otherwise.

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