Faith Chapter 9: Luck Bunny

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I returned to the casino alone, unsure about what do to exactly.

There was a lot of noise and lights and kind of felt attacked from every side. It’s odd, I didn’t feel that way when visiting but now that I had to spend time here, I saw the room differently.

I could see how everything was designed, even my presence, to rob blind the poor clients of the cruise company.

I was quickly welcomed by Mindy, the head barmaid. She was perhaps 26 but her body was still as fresh as mine, and her skin radiant.

A brunette, she had her hair going down to her hips! Her hips!

She quickly explained she’s one of the oldest employees, having worked here for 5 years. FIVE years without really wearing clothes or having some sort of normal life. I noticed she had a yellow bead, but didn’t pass any comments.

She told me that I could bring drinks to guests. The croupier would determine if the guest would be charged or not: in short, if they kept losing, they wouldn’t pay for the drink: they want losing clients to keep losing and alcohol tends to lower judgement.

In short, the croupiers are in charge of everything, we follow their lead and never contradict them.

Noted, I thought! I looked around and many of the croupiers were in their early thirties, with the rest in their late twenties. There was only one male croupier, and he was at one of the poker table, wearing a nice croupier outfit.

I looked at the patrons. All were males, except for a couple, who were sitting together at a blackjack table. The lady, in her mid-thirties was as naked as I was but from her silver bracelet I knew she had paid to join the cruise. I approached them, by simply walking toward their table.

The croupier, a redhead with freckles on her upper chest smiled at me as I approached the table and I noticed she had a red and pink bead. She was distributing cards and one of the male patrons collapsed on his hands visibly upset at the card she had just given him.

In addition to the disappointed man and the couple was a Arab guy in a typical middle-eastern garb, even with a hat made of a cloth. He was in the mid-forties and was visibly very concentrated on his play: he was the player with the most chips on the table.

I placed myself between the female client and the disappointed man and just observed what was going on.

For the current round, no one said anything to me but as soon as all betting was over, both the couple and the disappointed man introduced themselves (in that order).

Georges and Francine were from Ohio, while Luke was from Miami itself and wasn’t going on the actual cruise.

Francine whispered to me that she didn’t think the other guy spoke English…

Ginger, the croupier, invited me to grab a stool to sit at the table, but as soon as I began looking for one, a young Arab man in the early 20s in a uniform brought one to me.

Wow, they do run a tight ship, I thought.

“Do you know how Blackjack works, Faith?”, asked me Francine.

“I admit that I do not…”

It’s Luke that explained the rule. “We each get a hidden card and a visible card. You try to get as high as you can, without going over 21. Face cards are worth 10, aces are either worth 1 or 11. Having a face card and a an ace is a Blackjack. You can then ask for another card or not. It’s your decision, but Ginger has rules to follow for when she gets a card or not. We win, if we beat Ginger’s hand or she is busts, that is, get more than 21”.

Georges added that it was more complicated, you could split, get an insurance, but that was the basis.

Ginger by then was distributing to each player 2 cards. George has a Queen visible and seemed happy with himself. Francine kissed him.

Luke was confused at his cards. He had a 6 visible, but I couldn’t see his other card.

The Arab guy was stoic and kept to himself.

Luke turned to me: “Are you lucky Faith?”

I replied I didn’t know, so he said: “Well, I have faith in you!”, and laughed. “Hit me Ginger…”

Nervously, he looked at Ginger giving him a card and exploded when he got a 5!

He grabbed my hand and kissed it. “Thank you, thank you…”

The Arab also took another card, got 8 and flipped his cards over: he now had 23.

Now that everyone was standing (not getting new cards), it was Ginger’s time to play.

She revealed her hidden card: a 3. Her visible card had been a 6, for a total of 9.

“The house has less than 16 and will take a card”

She turned over a 10. “The house has 19 and stays.”

All of my three new friends celebrated and thanked me. Both guys had 21, and were paid by Ginger.

Francine asked me if I was new. “First day”, I replied, a little shy”

“Oh Honey, don’t be shy. You are so much more confident than my first time. Remember Georges how terrified I was?”

“She looked almost like a deer in headlights!”, the replied, while placing his next bet.

“But now, look at me! I mean, going on a 3 weeks cruise naked! I had called him crazy just for suggesting one evening…”

I was a little surprised. “So it was his idea, and you went along with it?”

“Well, that’s simplifying it a bit. OK, so, his idea was just to try it. At first at home, then at an event.”

Ginger distributed the cards as our conversation continued.

“But I was hooked! You see, all my life I had been taught to be proper, to be modest, to restrain myself. Something was missing from my life and this what unlocked it!”

“Being naked?”

“No honey, being free. Accepting the look of men over my sweet naked body. Accepting that I had breasts that were pleasant to look at and that I didn’t need to hide who I was. That I could be just myself, no clothes to hide me, no make up, just me.”

Interesting point of view I thought. It somehow made me feel a little more comfortable to be nude, but I wasn’t comfortable enough to say it, so I just nodded.

Luke intervened. “At first, I came just to look a naked girls, but just like she said, what I began to appreciate is how authentic the girls are. I mean, I know that then Ginger smiles to me, it’s to get tips not because she finds me attractive, I mean, I am not stupid, but her whole non-verbal language is one of acceptance of herself and that’s sexy as hell. I mean, I am talking about Ginger because she is our croupier… and my favorite girl on the ship, but it applies to every girl here”.

Ginger has an uneasy smile, but stayed professional and asked who wanted a hit (another card).

This certainly gave me a lot to think about, and fortunately, the attention of the table was back to the game so I just stayed sitting on my stool, observing the game.

From time to time, Luke, Georges or Francine passed comments toward me about the game, but the conversation remained light and superficial until Amir returned as promised and took me apart.

After confirming I was OK, he told me that the main buffet was opened.

I went to excuse myself to my new friends but to my surprise, Francine invited me to eat with her husband and her. Surprised, I said yes!

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