The Circle Chapter 5: Kim

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I let my wife with videos about Kim. I had helped her make them, so I knew their content perfectly.

What I needed now, was to get Kim here as soon as possible, and brief her in the process. I called and she answered on the first ring.

“So, what’s the status?”, she said, without giving me time to say anything.

“Amnesia on the last four years.”

She cut me off. “And her reactions to the videos?”

“Rather positive. She is still naked, and we just had sex.”

“Lucky you! Great! Did I come up?”, she asked.

“You did, she is curious, and currently watching the videos about you. She wants to meet you, like, now.”

“Perfect, on my way!”, she said, hanging up quickly.

I race back upstairs and saw that Stephanie was still watching a video about Kim. Another one, the one about how they began dating. I sat on the bed next to her.

The video played on. “You just couldn’t believe it. She was kissing you, and you liked it! You had never thought you could be bisexual, but there was no denying that she was attractive. Granted, she had been more or less your right-hand in the circle, helping you almost since day one to recruit other women into the club so you weren’t sure if the attraction wasn’t also some sort of gratitude, but over time, it became more”.

Stephanie paused the video. “She really sounds like she is quite something”. I nodded. “She is on her way.”

“Shit, should I get dressed”.

“Honey, you are the two leading women of a CMNF club. She’s seen you more naked than clothed… “

“Yeah, but I don’t remember her.”

“You’ve heard yourself in one of the videos: the more you do things like you used to do them, the faster your memories will come back.”

She seemed scared.

“Wait, I’ll get dressed when Kelly comes for supper, right?”

“Of course”, I replied. I made a note not to mention anything to her about Kelly. It was too soon.

I left Stephanie to her videos and went downstairs to wait for Kim. I could faintly hear the videos playing upstairs, and heard my wife laugh at least twice, if not more.

Yes, the medication had this for it: it brought her already good sense of humor to a whole new level.

It didn’t take long for Kim to arrive, she was almost out of breath running from her car.

“Did I miss anything?”, she asked, after kissing me.

“No, she is still watching…”.

“Good thing she did those videos!”, she replied.

I just nodded. “Do you think I should go upstairs now?”

“I think she is waiting for you…”.

Kim slowly walked toward the stairs. “Here goes nothing”.

I followed her a few steps behind. The bedroom door was still opened, so Kim gently peaked inside, saying hello.

I heard Stephanie scream “Oh my GOD!”

I ran to our bedroom asking what was wrong…

“It’s all true isn’t? Everything? The videos, what you were telling me. It really is all true.”

Kim and I looked at each other, confused. Stephanie continued.

“As I was watching the videos about Kim, I had in my mind a vague image of a woman I had never seen in my life, and there she is! I had your image in my mind, Kim! My first memory came back!”

Both of us rushed to the bed to hug her. She actually hugged us back.

After a few minutes, Kim broke the silence. “It is indeed the truth. Everything in those videos… We both helped you write them to make sure we didn’t forget to mention small details.”

“But how? I mean, no, not how, well, yes, how does it work? I mean, we love each other all three of us? I mean, how the hell does that start? Apparently, it’s because you were my right hand or something? I didn’t get the whole story yet.”

“It’s more complex than that”, Kim replied. “I had a boyfriend, just like you had your husband. You got your husband into CMNF, but for me, it was my boyfriend who got me into it. For a while, I was nervous but when I met you, it helped me a lot and I really got into the lifestyle. What my boyfriend, however, didn’t count on, was his jealousy. He began being angry that I let other guys touch me at our events, that I paid attention to them, that I wanted to explore sexuality outside of our relationship. He didn’t want to let me even if I wanted him by my side every step of the way. We began fighting more and more and eventually, I dumped his sorry ass.”

“So sorry to hear that”, replied Stephanie.

“That husband of yours, however, was a perfect gentleman. Mike began acting as my chaperone too. My knight protecting me from guys at our event who might not respect my wishes.”

“How generous of him”, replied Stephanie in a tone which I didn’t understand: was she joking around, being angry? jealous?

So I took the lead…

“It was at your request, to be honest”

“It was?”, she asked, confused.

“Yes, she was the first truly regular female member of the club after you. Back when we started it, it was hard to convince a second woman to join us: we sounded like freaks. But with Kim around, it was easier: there was in a way, strength in numbers. Dania for example only agrees to undress if there are at least three other nude women in the place but she pretty much comes to every event too, so once you had Kim and Dania you only needed another woman to make the event interesting.”

“Dania?”, Stephanie asked.

“Tall, oh my God, very tall African American woman? Head shaven? Likes to come in a full Muslim dress with a hijab until she undresses despite being born Christian and turning atheistĀ  just to mess with the guys?”, said Kim.

Stephanie was drawing a blank.

“No worries, you’ll see her soon enough. She just loves to stir controversy, pretty much all of the time sarcastic. We really like her style, very different from us.”

I decided to take the subject back, seeing that Stephanie was looking more and more confused.

“So yeah, after a while, you two began to fool around for fun, and it slowly grew more serious.”

Stephanie interrupted me. “Yeah, the rest was in the videos. Kim and I began having feelings and it’s only later than we closed the triangle between the two of you. I am not sure how that happened, but I am not sure I really want to know.”

Kim replied, touching her arm. “In all cases, you’ll get to redefine the relationships. You’ll get to decide if you still want to run or even just attend the club, you’ll decide how much or how little of a relationship each of us has for each other”

Stephanie however, shook her head. “That somehow doesn’t feel right. I don’t know why, but there is a word barely mentioned in my videos that came back a few times and kind of triggered something. Somehow, it tells me to trust Mike about this. About everything. To let him decide, but I don’t have a full context. All I have is a single word.”

I looked at her, but it’s Kim who got it. She asked: “Wouldn’t that word be surrendered?”

Stephanie’s face turned almost white. “How did you know?”

Kim turned to me… “Should I take this or should you?”

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