Faith Chapter 20: Proposition at Breakfast

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I left Henrietta’s office with a slight smile. Not that I was happy to have had my blood taken, but that I was happy with my new employment or dress code but rather simply because I was looking forward to breakfast by the pool bar.

I returned to the common area and saw a few fellow employees already active but only a few clients. Perhaps it was still quite early?

I went to the lobby to catch the lobby elevator: it had an open window to the interior lobby and it quite breathtaking.

As the door was closing, I heard a female voice behind me asking me to hold the door for her.

I searched and found the open door button and saw that it was Aisha running toward the elevator!

Out of breath, she kissed me on the cheeks and tried to catch her breath. The elevator resumed its ride.

“Did you run to catch me?”, I asked once she was breathing a little easier.

“Yeah, Henrietta told me you were going to the pool bar for breakfast so I ran to catch you! I had barely missed you. I really wanted to spend time one on one with you this morning.”

“Oh, cool, thanks! “, I didn’t know what to say exactly…

“So, did you sleep well? Paula is amazing apparently”.

I thought about it, and yes, I admitted, not only did I sleep well but Paula was indeed amazing.

“I feel a lot more at home this morning than yesterday”.

“Hey”, she said, putting her hand on my arm.

“Don’t sell yourself short. Many girls don’t board the second boat let alone stay the whole day. You actually took part in the race! Speaking of which, tonight, you are in the show on the main stage. No idea what you can do or even if you can do something, but tonight, no wiggling out of it.”

“Ok”, I said, half terrified.

The elevator exited on the top deck, inside one of the few parts which is actually inside. We exited and reached the pool area where the bar was converted into a breakfast section.

“This is Cindy. She is one of our cooks, but she plays a mean juggling act.”

I ordered sunny side up eggs with two strips of bacon and an order of toast and Aisha, apart from the bacon, took the same.

“So, Faith”, she said, while we were eating at a small table nearby. “Today we will need to talk about your present, and your future. For future, you’ll talk to Erica. She is our guidance councilor and over the next few weeks she will make you pass a series of exams so you can find a future career for when you decide to retire from here. Not every girl does, but one day or another you might want to leave and we want you to have a good career.”

“Yes, I was told”

“Good, but until then, there is your present. I heard you were a luck bunny yesterday and a couple hired you for some exhibitionism. That’s excellent. The race was also quite interesting and you generated a lot of interest”

“Interest?”, I asked.

“You see, men some here to indulge in fantasies. I hope you realize that. They pay for their activities using their on-board account, but they usually only keep what they intend to pay and typically spend it all without counting. In short, the more they deposit, the more they spend. Do you understand that? It’s like at a buffet, the more food they put on their plate, the more they will eat.”

“I guess”, I said, having no idea where she was going with this.

“So, we have two jobs. The first one, is to make them spend the money in their account. That’s what the girls with the green and yellow beads do. But we have a second job, and that’s to encourage them to put a lot of money in their account in the first place. That’s everyone’s job, because here, we are only trying to make them believe it is worth it. We don’t have to actually make it worthwhile: they will spend it anyway.”

“I am not sure what you mean”, I said, fearing she was leading me on.

“Simply put, if you, Faith, can make them believe they might have a chance with you, you could make them deposit a lot of money in their on-board account and make a commission, regardless of whether you do anything or not”

“I am not sure I understand”.

“It’s simple, we have bids from a few clients who saw you in the race yesterday who are willing to spend quite a lot of money for your virginity”

I was shocked and almost jump on my feet.

“What? But I am not for sale”

“I didn’t tell them you were. I said they were willing to offer money for it. You can refuse to have anything to do with it or, stay with me, you can listen to their offers, ask for proof of deposit and then take none of the offers. We get the deposits, you get a commission, and you keep your virginity”

“Who said I was even a virgin?”, I asked, defiantly.

“Honey, we have girls who sold their virginity half a dozen times. I sold mine three times… and my first few times were with an actual boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend now. Facts don’t matter here. We sell fantasy, not reality.”

“And I wouldn’t have to sleep with anyone?”

“Or even see them, but of course, if you agree to eat supper with the highest bidder and string him alone, saying you aren’t sure yet, he might raise his bid to convince you and you make more money from the deposit. Listen, think about it. You can try today, and next week at the resort, and in a few weeks at the village, or not at all. No pressure.”

“Everyone keeps saying that but I haven’t been on board 24 hours that my virginity is on auction and I am forced to participate in a show tonight… and pick a career, and have blood tests. And… well, so far that’s pretty much it, apart from the complete nudity but somehow, I am starting to get used to it, and it scares me.”

“Is scares you?”, she asked puzzled.

“Well yeah. If I can normalize being naked, what’s next?”

She laughed. “Oh Faith, you shouldn’t worry about that. You’ll get to decide the pace. Like I said, if you don’t want to see the guys, you won’t. The show, well, if you really don’t want to, we can let go. I think it would be good for you, but…”

I interrupted her.

“But don’t you see? That is perfectly the problem! I too think it would be good for me. And I kind of want to see what kind of guy wants to deflower me, and yes, I am indeed a virgin, so it’s not like I would have to work hard to sell it. My worry, is that I am starting to feel like perhaps I belong here.”

Aisha stood up from her chair and got closer to hug me. It felt weird to have basically my boss, hugging me with both of us being naked, but it still felt good.

“Poor Faith. You really had no one growing up, right? We’ll take good care of you, and help you find yourself.”

We finished eating and the conversation turned to the schedule of activities for the day.

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