Faith Chapter 18: Waking up

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I woke up disoriented. I was still in the same cabin but somehow, I had forgotten the end of my conversation with Paula.

I know that near the end, we were more or less swapping stories of our youth, but I think I became more and more tired and just lost the thread of the conversion enough so that my freshly rested brain is unable to sow them back together properly.

My eyes were adjusted to the dark enough so that the light under the door gave me a faint view of my surroundings.

Paula was sleeping under her sheet, her back turned to me. I silently dropped my feet on the floor, or should I say deck? And almost tiptoes to the tiny bathroom we shared.

With as many precautions as I could, I closed the door behind me and was left in complete darkness!

So, the front door allowed some light but not the toilet?

Oh, I realized, the angle of the bathroom door prevented the faint light from reaching the bathroom.

I touched everywhere on the wall until I found the two switches which I presume would be for the light and the fan.

The switches were on the right of the door, so I decided to flip the one on the left, thinking the one closest to the door would be the light. Hesitantly, I flipped it and I was almost blinded by the lights turning on above the sink!

My eyes quickly adjusted and I surveyed our ridiculous bathroom.

After emptying my bladder, I decided not to flush and instead, stood in front of the door, with one hand on the handle, and the other on the light switch.

I turned off the light, and very gently opened the door. I couldn’t believe how dark the bedroom now was!

The faint light under the door was barely visible now that my eyes were used to the light.

As calmly as I could, I gently returned to my bed and sat on it.

What would my day look like? How many new perturbations would hit me?

I thought back to the race. It was certainly something I wouldn’t have dreamed of, but was it that horrifying?

Could I trust them when they say I have control over my body and that girls do not bitch against each other?

I did get onboard on a treat, would others follow?

Paula stirred. She seemed happy enough. All of the girls I had spoken to seemed so.

I had about 3 days to decide what to do. I hadn’t even been on board 24 hours yet…

I heard a faint noise. My eyes were slowly getting used to the darkness: someone was putting something under the door.

I tiptoed back to the bathroom, picked up the piece of paper the way and once again closed the door behind me to allow me to open the light.

It was a nice note welcoming me aboard, giving me a rough schedule of what I was expected to do today.

The first item was to go to room 202 for a blood test, before eating anything and if possible, before 8h00am.

I didn’t have the time so I would have to leave the room to get an idea of the time.

I would then be expected to eat breakfast with clients or alone, but I had a full half day of even more orientation planned with the rooms noted: career planning, positions aboard the ship, sexual encounter primer, security and safety. I felt like I was back in school!

Then came lunch, where I was invited to the captain’s table. Interesting!

The afternoon was open, with the note: try to do something different than yesterday.

Just before supper, however, I had to attend the practice at the main theater for tonight’s show.

The rest of the evening was left blank, so at least, I didn’t have the whole day planned ahead of me.

A handwritten note from Yoko was at the bottom: “Whatever you do, try to have fun! Tonight, no need to be at the race, try to explore”

The dot on the i of Tonight and on the exclamation point were little hearts.

I turned off the light and was once again showered in darkness. Gently, I left the bathroom and hearing nothing from Paula, I left the bedroom where I could see again.

How did girls know which time it is? I walked toward room 202 but after walking a few minutes, I realized I was going the wrong way and doubled back.

At a junction with another corridor, I noticed a phone so I picked it up and dialed zero.

“Reception”, a nice gentleman replied.

“What time is it please?”, I said.

“It’s 6h48”.

I tanked him and resumed to room 202, where I gently knocked on the door.

A nude woman (why do I bother specifying it still amazes me) answered. I panicked, did I have the right room?

But I could see a comfortable leather chair, a table, and plenty of empty blood test tubes in shelves.

“Hi!”, she said,. “You are new, right?”.

“Faith”, I said.

“Henrietta”, she replied.

She motioned me to sit down on the leather chair by the table.

With a small cell phone like device, she scanned my bracelet and a printer on the table began printing labels.

“Today, we will have quite a few tubes to get a good base level for your system.”

“You are a nurse, right?”

“Absolutely. And it’s all I do. Being a nurse. I take blood tests, I help sick patients and personnel. There are 3 of us on board. Angela also does blood tests. She is my little sister. The night nurse is Laurie. No relations to us”

“You sister? They managed to find two related nurses willing to work in the nude?”

“Yeah, we grew up in a naturist resort in California. Angela saw the offer online and we both applied.”

What was it that was said about nudists here? They were closed minded or something? I couldn’t really ask.

“So you didn’t wear clothes growing up?”

“Well, not at home. We were mainly homeschooled. Well, not so much at home as with other naturist kids, but it was in a home or another.”‘

“Wow, so how often would you wear clothes?”

“It depends, Most of the years, perhaps 3 or 4 times?”

“So it must not have taken you a lot of adjustment to move here then”, I said, thinking I was a little funny.

“Well, the sex all around did need an adjustment to”

There, that’s what had been said! They looked down on the public sex.

The conversation died down and she was done labeling the tubes.

She wiped part of my arm with an alcohol tab and put an elastic on my arm, tightened it and asked me to take a deep breath without looking down.

She began counting from 5 but stopped at 3. I looked down and saw that she had already inserted the needle and that I had felt nothing at all.

Between the needle and the little container that hold the tube was a long tube so that each time she changed the tube, I couldn’t feel it.

I have had a blood test in the past and remembered how much it hurt, and how much it hurt when they changed the tube. Perhaps healthcare for the poor sucked?

She had to untie the band near the end, but we got thru it.

She placed a cotton ball with a small piece of tape on it on my arm, and gently pulled the needle.

It kind of stuck to the skin a little but I barely felt it going out.

“Wow, that was painless”, I said.

“Thank you!”, and she bowed a little.

The vials were either placed in a tray behind her, or in a small fridge.

“These will be analyzed in our laboratory. If there is anything troublesome, you’ll get a note under your door to either come to see me or go see the doctor.”


“Ok, so I have a questionnaire to let you answer with this heals on your arm. It’s a medical history document. Rather boring, but everyone has to do it, even I”.

She gave it to me with a pen, and I began reading. It wasn’t a custom form from the cruise but rather a boring document you can find at almost every dentist and clinic where you need to indicate your medical history.

Having nothing out of the ordinary, I mainly checked “No”, entered a few details like the age of my first periods (11), if they give me a migraine (they rarely do), etc…

Once I was done, the tape was pulled, which hurt a little, but it had left no red mark of any kind.

The hole still showed, but that was life, I guess!

I thanked Henrietta, but first, I asked for a breakfast place recommendation.

“Personally, I like the pool bar. I know, it’s weird… but in the morning, instead of burgers, they make wonderful omelets and oatmeal on demand. It reminds me of home. The buffer is popular, but there is often quite a rush. I personally prefer being outside as much as can since most of my time is down here.”

I thanked her and decided to try my hand by the pool.

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