Faith Chapter 16: Cleaning up

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Aischa soon excused herself as she had another event to MC, leaving Yoko and I alone in the small storage room.

There was a certain tension left but I couldn’t tell exactly from where. In my past, I learned, right or wrong, that when things are awkward, it’s best to just offer help.

“So, do we have other things to do, like cleanup?”

Yoko nodded. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, it is your first day. I remember how disoriented I was when I arrived. We have to wait a little more anyway¬† and you might be tired”

But I wasn’t… my senses were wide awake.

“Speaking of awkward. Could I hesitate a few questions?”

“Sure”, she said, almost automatically.

“What’s it like being gay on this ship? I mean, seeing all of the nude girls around you work with, knowing directly from their bracelet if they are into girls or not”

“Oh, don’t think the bracelets are true.”, she said, possibly ignoring my first question. Damn it, I should have only asked a direct one.

“What do you mean?”

“Some girls get a pink bead just to get less attention from the male clients and some girls get a purple one just to get more. I learned that the hard way”, she said, blushing.

“Oooh… that sounds crunchy”, I was in a surprisingly good mood. Perhaps it was the familiarity of gossip which for once wasn’t directed at me.

“Well, I liked a girl and she was insulted, saying that she didn’t like girls. When I asked about the pink bead, she just said she also hated men.”

“Oh, I know that type of girl.”

“The worst is that we have a gray bead for asexual, but it appears that it’s worst for these types of girls.”

“I can imagine. If they are like any of the girls I knew in school, they would be insulted by that or well, by anything. Did you ever find someone?”

“Once, but it didn’t work out. It’s really hard to be in a relationship in this company. We are really encouraged to extend our boundaries so if you are looking for a monogamous relationship, even if you can keep your limits, it doesn’t mean your girlfriend will respect yours.”

I had not considered that.

We heard two knocks on the door.

“That’s the signal. Let’s wait a minute and then go pick up the pieces.”

I put my hand on her shoulder. “I hope you find someone one day”

“Thank you. I appreciate that.”

“I have the feeling we could become good friends you and I.”

She just smiled, but behind her smile was hidden all of the genuine affection you could ever look for.

We waited, listened to the door and opened it when nothing was heard. We carried the wheeled bin with us.

It was a little colder outside, but nothing to really bite the skin. I think Yoko saw me react and said: “Some nights, at sea, you have the impression your nipples will freeze, but oddly enough you’ll get used to it.”

I laughed a little and we began surveying around.

We found a few miscellaneous things like one of the butt plugs/pony tail, one of the harnesses (not for the same girl apparently but I didn’t dare ask), both gags and, easy to spot, both carts with the mittens still attached to one: it was Helga’s.

We also picked up some of the parts used to from the finish line, which were also scattered all over. I found 4 used condoms but Yoko insisted I leave them there: a cleaning crew would come once we are done and we were only to pick up the things from the race. It was the same for the plastic cups, some of which still had alcohol in them.

We first brought the carts to the storage area but then, we had to go full circle with the bin around the ship! Yoko was pushing the cart, while I was pulling it and we walked, slowly, the whole jogging trail making sure not to miss anything.

We found the second tail in front of the ship as well as 3 of the boots, but somehow didn’t find the second harness or the last boot.

“It’s the 3rd day in a row it occurs for the boot. We think there is a foot fetishist on board. We’ll find it tomorrow morning tossed somewhere up here placed to make us believe we missed it.”

“Foot fetishists?”

“Yeah. They love women and their shoes or boots. We don’t really care, but the first night, I had to go around 4 times and wake up Helga and Patricia to see if they had it, even if I knew it was Helga’s boot”


“Oh right, you never met her. Another of the pony girls.”

“There are 3 on board?”

“No, there are 5 in the company. Olivia and Roberta are the last two, but Olivia is currently at the resort and I think Roberta is on vacation until we leave.”


“It pays really well… and we get a portion. You made a lot of money tonight.”

“I guess that’s a good thing? No need to have sex and still make a lot of money?”

She nodded.

We returned to the storage locker.

“I wonder how they do it… I mean, we are both light but it’s still heavy, no?”

“It’s not that bad. Here”, she said, giving me the handle to the closest cart, Kayla’s.

I held them, not sure what she wanted, and I saw her climbed on the seat I was occupying about an hour ago.

“Go, pull me, you’ll see!”

I hesitated but I grabbed both handles and managed to make it move: I was surprised at how maneuverable it was.

“No so bad, right?”, she said.

“Yeah, but I don’t have the bit, the harness, the tail, the boots”

“Bah, they are not so bad. And the boots make you taller so you have a longer stride.”

“Are you talking from experience?”, I said, teasing her.

“I ran twice.”

“You did???” I said, surprised!

“Weren’t you afraid that, well, you would win?”

She laughed. “Of course not, if a girl wants to lose, they let her.”

I pushed the cart back to it’s place and Yoko went down.

“It was this cart I had pulled. Oh, and the mittens? They really help you ensure you don’t slip off the handles, while the cart helps you keep your balance.”

“But you don’t do it anymore?”

“No, not for me. But I tried, you know. At least I tried.”

She seemed to be drifting away, as if she had tried other things that didn’t pan out. There was a certain sadness in her voice, so I approached her and I hugged her.

She hugged me back, and we stayed for a few minutes. I expected to start crying: this was one of my first positive human contact in what, a year? a decade? My life? And it was skin on skin.

She broke it off. “I can accompany you to your cabin, but then, we both need to sleep. You probably have your blood test tomorrow morning and I help serve breakfast.”

“Blood test?”

“Yeah, to make sure you are clean, that you don’t have thyroid problems or other issues. If you have anything, they will treat you, don’t worry.”

“Thyroid problems?”

“Yeah, if you have them, you might be always cold and that’s not good for a business that wants to keep it’s female employees nude”

I guess it made sense. In a sick twisted way. Wait, was it really twisted? Was it really sick?

Was I beginning to accept their propaganda or was I really beginning to like it here?

I was making a friend, I was making money, I was lodged, feed, I had medical supervision for the first time in my life and I would get to visit new places, well, two new places.

We went back in the warmer ship, and took an elevator to the 3rd deck: there was no elevators to the 2nd deck: we always had to go to the public area on deck 3, enter the employee area and then, use stairs or lifts just for the lower decks to get to my deck.

In all cases, I followed Yoko, wondering if I would be tired enough to sleep tonight.

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