Faith Chapter 21: Orientation

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All weird, I walked down to the second deck, where the orientation and guidance office was.

The door was open and I could see Erica (I rightly presumed) reading a book at her desk.

I know it shouldn’t suprise me, but I wondered what was the point of asking a women who visibly has little contact with clients as nude as the clients.

I wondered if on the brochure it said something like “None of our female employees, not even our hidden staff, wear clothes”

I made a note to try to visit the bridge or whatever the segment where the captain worked to see if there were any female employees and if they wore clothes.

“You must be Faith!”, exclamed Erica as she noticed me.

Quickly, she jumped on her feet and hugged me. I would really need to get used to it. Not just the skin on skin contact, but just the idea of people being warm and friendly with me.

Let’s just say I didn’t have much positive physical contact growing up.

“So, have a seat”.

Her office looked exactly like my cabin, but didn’t have beds. Instead, there were three chairs: two facing each other in front of her desk, which had the chair she was originally sitting at.

She motionned me to sit on the chair on the left and sat on the one on the right.

I orbserved her: she was in her early thirties, had relatively large dropping breasts, long blond hair and piercings thru her nose, her upper lips, both of her nipples, her navel and, from what I could see, her pussy.

She also had three earrings on each ear!

“So, Faith, my job is to help you figure out what to do when you leave this company. Hopefully, you’ll stay long enough for us to help you get a good career but even if you only plan on doing one rotation of 6 months, we could set you up as an administrative assistant or perhaps a data entry clerk. It would be tight, but if you plan on staying a while we can find somethin quite interesting for you. Did you have any ideas? Any career you wanted to have growing up?”

“Not really. I thought maybe a vet or a teacher or something”

“Oh, well, we can’t really help with with becoming a vet, sadly. We can’t really have animals on a cruise ship. Teacher, we might be able to, the problem is getting the license to teach. Most places require a local teaching degree.”

“Well, I am not married to either.. Do you have ideas?”

“That depends on you! We have aptitude tests you can pass, we have a list of interesting programs. For example, a few of our girls become dentist assistants which usually is a nice quiet job. We also train a lot of accountants, webmasters, software developers, IT specialists, translators. We even formed a few psychologists but it’s often hard to get a license, I have to warn you.”

“You became a guidance councilor?”

“Oh yeah! That’s available too. I could tutor you. I decided to stay because I love the dress code and the sun, but you could work in a school and help kids find their way.”

I noticed she had a green bead.

“Are you still, you know, active?”. She must have notice I looked at her bracelet.

“Well, I don’t have to, but I still like it from time to time. So, when I was offered the position of head councilor, I was basically freed from all other activities. I could remain in this office all day and not see any clients if I so inclined.”

“But you would have to be nude, right?”

“Of course.. all women on board who work for the company or are associated with it”

“But you still keep the green bead?”

“Well, at first, I had a red one, like, well, most of our girls. I was terrified of having sex here. I was recruited because I worked at a clothing optional resort in California. For me, it was just a job you know, but I didn’t mind undressing since everyone else was also nude. That’s where they recruited me, offered to me to work on a cruise ship, rent and food included and tuition, and a more stable job. So I signed up!”

“And you decided to open up?”

“Well, at first I tried yellow, you know. To have a say in it. To have some level of control. Except I hated it”

“The sex?”

“No, the control! I pretty much preferred not to choose, so I tried the green bead and ended up loving it. Not knowing which guy will pay to put his dick in you? Yummy! Not knowing when to expect sex? Sublime!”

I was almost shocked to hear it.

“So, I stayed green! Even when I kind of retired to be the guidance councilor. I get propositioned less often now: I am more often than not in the staff area and left face it, I am no longer as young and sexy as you are but still get to have fun”

This seemed a recurring theme: these women were actually claiming to have fun having sex with strangers and yet, the whole of society is claiming otherwise!

“Anyway, you’ll get to decide what to do. I don’t want to pressure you, but I hope to see you the next few mornings”

“You do?”

“Yes, to take guidance exams! Who knows, you might find yourself with a hidden talent”

“I have a stupid question…”

I wasn’t sure I really wanted the answer however…


“What is the real difference between a yellow and a red bead?”

“Not much. The main difference is that clients cannot ask anything of a red bead, well, almost anything. With a yellow, they can ask, but must respect the wishes of the girl. In the end, a red is like an automatic no, a green is an automatic yes and a yellow is up to the girl. You can still say no to everything, but at least, you get to hear propositions you might miss with a red bead.”

I stayed silent. It scared me, but perhaps this is what I needed to change, to evolve.

“So where can I get a yellow bead?”

Erica smiled. “I can help you with that..”

She stood up, went to her desk, and retrieved a small box.

“Which orientation color?”, she asked me.

I tried to remember, and hesitantly asked “Yellow takes priority, right?”

“Always”, she replied, with a smile.

“I think I’ll try a purple”, unsure of whether it was really what I wanted, and yet, Yoko’s body was flashing in my mind.

I left the office a few minutes later, with two beads where I used to have one.

I knew I was close to my cabin, so I entered it, was relieved to find it empty and collapsed on the bed, crying.

Why? I had no idea. Was it because I was making a terrible mistake? Was I simply evacuating years of mistreatment?

All I knew, was that I had tears to evacuate and that it felt good to do it.

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