Faith Chapter 23: Drinking Sprites

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The Sushi bar was an odd place.

There were odd tables around which 8 small benches were place, not so much chairs. Well, they looked like chairs but didn’t have back rests.

The tables weren’t really tables either: they were mattresses where, I presume, Yoko and her colleague laid to serve as sushi platters.

Empty, it felt odd to just see the red velvet bed covering but I could imagine the place being more animated during the evening.

Aisha made Kaleb and I sit at the bar, where a sexy African girl served us both a sprite. She then let us alone to go handle whatever other business that kept her busy during the day.

“Being Muslim, I don’t drink alcohol”, he explained.

“I don’t drink either”, I explained. I had enough problems on my shoulders, I didn’t need being drunk to be added to them.

“I like that. I like women to be fully there, not half gone, you know?”

Odd, I thought men preferred drunk girls?

“I know I must sound like a loser. Coming on this cruise to flirt with girls, but I have a very busy job so I don’t really have time for relationships. Instead, I come here for some rest and relaxation. Is that weird?”

Remember, protective compliance…

“No, not at all! Some jobs require a lot of us, so much that we lose the ability to have a life. It’s good if you can benefit from your vacation time to unwind a little and live”.

No idea where it came from, but it felt like the right thing to say.

“Yes! thank you. I’d love to get married, but right now, I need to build my career. I have enough money from my parents, but I want to make mine. To have the pride of saying I made it on my own, despite my inheritance.”

“I can respect that”.

“Good. So listen, I’d love to spend some time with you. I know, it’s a cliche, the Arab guy who wants to have sex with a white girl but hear me out… I am not a tall man, and well, I like to be taller than the girl I am seeing. Most of the girls here or, well, everywhere, are taller than I am! I know there is a bid for your virginity, and I would love it if it were me who took it,but I am here for a week and a half and I would rather spend more moments with you than a single one taking your virginity”

“Why not both?”, I asked, wondering.

He laughed.

“I heard how much the others are offering and I can’t spend that much in a single moment. Perhaps to have you spend a few days with me. Maybe I could do it, but not for an hour or so.”

That much? I wonder where the bids are. I should have asked. It must be my insecurity talking.

“So, if I agree to spend some time with you, you could spend a lot?”, I said, flirting, or at least, feigning to.

He was looking at the floor, but I saw the barmaid who gave me a thumbs up and a wide smile.

“Well, it depends. If you agreed to be my girlfriend for a day or two, perhaps spend the night, take a walk about the boat, eat a romantic candlelight dinner”, she said, clearly ashamed.

“And have sex”, I added. I was starting to find some courage in me: Was is because he couldn’t bear to look at me?

“Yes, ideally. I mean, you are so beautiful, I mean, sexy”

“And I guess hold me by my waist when we take a walk?”, I pushed, unsure of where I was taking this courage.

Then, it dawned on me: it wasn’t courage. It was my old friend: protective compliance!

I sensed what he wanted me to say and so, I said it.

This time, it felt different. Was I also trying to get something I wanted or just to avoid something I didn’t want?

Did I want his approval for the money, for the human touch or did I want to please Aisha so I can be more accepted on the ship?

I didn’t know, but I knew that spending a few days with this sweet young man wouldn’t kill me, especially if I had already sold my virginity which I wasn’t sure yet I wanted to do, but which I kind of knew I would end up doing.

I lost his reply, but seeing how ashamed he was, I could sense he would really like that.

“Listen Kaleb. I have other guys to meet, but you seem really, really sweet. As you can see, I am a yellow bead, that means that I decide who I say yes too. I don’t know what I will be doing today, but once this virginity mess is sorted out, I will gladly play your girlfriend for some time. We’ll have a few meals, I will sleep one night in your cabin, heck, in your bed. I can’t promise yet we will have sex, but I am no saying no.”

He smiled and thanked me.

“But, first, make sure you have enough money in your deposit account. You wouldn’t want banking delays to cut into our quality time together.”

“No, of course. Thank you Mrs Faith. I will go make another deposit right away. Just tell Mrs Aisha when you are ready and I will be available for you.”

With that, he took my hand and kissed it again, but soon enough left.

The barmaid refreshed my Sprite and addressed me.

“Damn girl, you were smooth… I real natural. Aisha told me that if you were ready, I could call the next guy, but if you are as smooth with each of them, girl, you’re gonna be rich soon”.

Unsure of what to reply, I just nodded, and drank my Sprite.

I didn’t know what prepared me exactly for this side of me, but I felt on fire.

Bring them on!

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