Alex Chapter 4: Beliefs

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I was shaking. Why did I have to pick this safe house? A place where women would be nude?

What else was occurring in this place?

The pair was looking at me, expectantly.

“Can you confirm your beliefs, because I wouldn’t want to align myself with the wrong people?”, I said, with shakiness in my voice.

“Oh sure!”, said the women.

“Why don’t we go sit down and I run you over our main point”

I am not sure how my legs managed to carry me, but soon enough, the two of us were alone at the, well, picnic table.

“So, we believe that the book of Genesis was a lie. That the snake did not convince Eve to bite the fruit of knowledge and make Adam bite into it. We believe that this is a lie told by Adam to cover his shame. We believe that while Men carry the original sin, Women do not. That we are free to live pure in Eden, unlike the men, who are tainted and must atone for Adam’s sins. “

Odd, a society where women are purer than men? I’ve usually heard the opposite. We were the root of all evil in Sunday school!

“How can they atone?”

“They work for it! They labor the fields, they repair the buildings, they mend their own clothes, they prepare the food. They work all day long!”


“So what do the women do then?”

“Ah, whatever we want! Some pray, some work, some help the men, some write. You would be encouraged to paint: we love your paintings!”

This sounded encouraging.

“So what are the rules, for women then?”, I asked.

“Well, we only have three very important rules. First, women are not allowed to wear clothes.”

I had seen that, and looking around, I could see a lot more nude women, young, old, thin, fat. A whole variety of women!

“Second, women are not allowed to leave the compound unless necessary. Men do all of the shopping, trading, etc…”

So I would be a prisoner here. Genius!

“Third, women are not allowed to refuse a man who had properly atoned for his sins during the day”

Wait, what?

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, when the sun goes down if a man has indeed worked all day, apart for food and prayer, he can have any women, anyway he wants, until he falls asleep, unless, of course, it’s a religious day.”

No, sorry, not interested…

“This doesn’t match at all with what I was told about your community. I am sorry, this is not something I can accept.”

She put her hand on my arm.

“Oh, but these are rules. I am sorry, but I will ask you to undress now, as per Rule #1.”

“And if I refuse?”, I said, defiantely.

“We will do it for you.”, with a look that was a serious as if she was pointing an AK-47 at me.

So, I would be stripped naked whether I wanted it or not.

“And if I leave?”

“That’s against Rule #2. We will not open the gate for you.”

Amazing. I had to pick this fucking place to hide. I would be stuck here. In what world is this better than being killed?

“And if I refuse a man tonight?”

“You will not be able to. This is the way it works. But you seem full of doubt. I fail to see why. We are happy here. We are in Eden once more. You will get to paint all day and will live by the grace of the creator. What more can you ask for? You will be fed, housed, kept safe and will have a guaranteed place in heaven for Eternity.”

So tonight I would be raped if I said no?

These people are completely insane!!

“And you will get all of the painting supplies you want, if you do want to paint.”

Yes, as if I would be inspired by it!

“What about pregnancy?”, I asked.

“The world is ending soon. All of the men had vasectomies. Don’t you worry about a thing, dear. We don’t have long left in this world. Perhaps only a few years. The signs are clear: God will recall us to his kingdom.”

So this is a doomsday cult too? In a few months, they might select a date and just force us to drink the kool-aid?


I took a look around. A few of the men were handsome, a few more were ok but several were completely repugnant, and tonight, I wouldn’t be able to say no to any of them.

What other choice did I have?

With any luck, they would grow tired of me soon… I just nodded and stood up.

I unceremoniously undressed and placed my clothes on the table.

“We are glad you decided to join us. Let me show you around the community. You’ll see that there is a lot you can choose to do”.

She stood up, came next to me and pulled my hand. I took one last look at my clothes and did everything I could to prevent tears from rolling down my cheeks.


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