The Circle
An exclusive story about a middle-aged couple who organizes a bi-weekly CMNF event, which frequently gets from 5 to 8 nude women. Th couple also lives in a CMNF relationship at home.

A reprinted and re-edited story from which is getting new chapters about a bisexual woman in the future who is exiled on a planet where women are prohibited from wearing clothes and where polygamy is the norm.

Another edited story from which is getting new chapters about three young adults in college discovering love, BDSM and CMNF together.
The chapters alternative between the point of view of each of the three young adults.

A story which only got one chapter from which will get new chapters about a young artist (Julie) on the run after her boyfriend is in trouble, and who takes a fake identity (Alex). CMNF and ritual sex together.

A heavily edited story from which will get new chapters about a man who secudes Sue, a woman he mets in a bar who shares everything with her friends... including her boyfriend. The edit will put more emphasis on CMNF.

A new original story about a young woman who signs up for more than she is ready to handle when she agrees to work for a private cruise company.
Expect a lot of sex and CMNF, if it works out!

An upcoming new series about a couple who likes to vary their sexual activies... except that Cookie, the wife, always ends up naked in front of guys. Swinging, gang-bangs, BDSM, the full rotation!

An edited story that only got a few chapters on my original site, about a woman who decides to keep her husband in enforced chastity.
Expect a CMNF, cockholding, teasing and blue balls.