Alex Chapter 12: Prophetess

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I thanked her and proceeded to Talia. She was in deep talk with a tall and very slim woman with very long dark hair. She must have been 28 or perhaps even 30, but her smallish breasts still held perfectly in place.

Both smiled when they saw me approach and welcomed me when I asked if I could join them.

“You must be Faith”, said the black haired women. “I am Karina and this is Talia. We absolutely adore your paintings”

I thanked them from the bottom of my heart. One great thing about this place is how much they appreciate my paintings.

“I had a few questions for Talia. I heard you usually have communion with a lot of men?”

“Yes, I do. In fact, we do. Karina and I usually have a lot of followers.”

“As it should be”, replied Karina.

“I wanted to know more about how that part of living here was.”

“But of course anything for a fellow believer”, Karina replied.

“So you do are fully committed believers?”, I asked.

Talia laughed a little, but Karina was really serious.

“I am one of the prophetesses. I am the speaker who created the communion in the first place.”

Wow, so she created this practice? She seemed so young.

“Wow, I said. How did it happen?”

“Well, Sister Rachel was our founder. She believed in the lie of the garden of Eden through the words the Goddess spoke to her. Her husband Paul, may the Goddess rest his soul, had money, so he bought this place for us to settle.”

“You knew them?”

“Oh yes, I was sharing Paul with Rachel since I turned of age.”

“So you were Paul’s mistress in a way?”

“Oh no, I was originally his slave. He conquered my body and my mind with his preaching. I was lost and he rescued me.”

“May the Goddess rest his soul”, added Talia.

“When sister Rachel had her revelation, we all moved here and we initially pledged ourselves to the men Paul invited to help, but as the Goddess revealed herself, we began to see how Women were the chosen gender, not the men. There was some resistance, but when Rachel revealed we should have never left Eden and we all pledged to give up clothing, the men were happy.”

“And Paul, our founder, say it was good”, said Talia.

“But sexuality, what to make of it? Sister Rachel declared it to be sin, so we couldn’t have carnal pleasure with the men anymore. The Goddess had spoken. Paul and the men did not like that at all.”

“May the Goddess rest his soul”, Talia added.

“But how do we go against the Goddess? If she declared our bodies to be temples not to be desecrated by mortal humans, how should we please the men?”

“That’s when Karina had her vision”, said Talia.

“That’s when I had my vision. The Goddess, was our sun, our warmth, our energy. During the night, our temples were just flesh, provided we did not violate it ourselves.”

“That was the vision! Let the men use our temples, let them commune with our divinity, but only one communion per men”

“Amen”, added Talia. “It’s still 7 days per week for most of them. My husband certainly didn’t have that, and I thought I had a high sex drive back then”, both Karina and Talia laughed a little, as if there was an inside joke.

“Yeah”, I replied. “I heard you often have communion more than 10 times per night?”

“Yes, and Karina often has more. She is one of our prophetesses. I wish the Goddess spoke to me as it does with you two”

“Me?”, I asked.

“Oh yes… your paintings helped us shape our community. You are definitely one of our prophetesses. You have a very special place in all of our hearts”

I was a prophet?

“What does that mean in particular?”

“Well”, Karina explained, “You got your own house. A few other non-prophetess do too, but for you, it’s a right, like it is for me. Then, on our holy nights, you sit with the elders, including me. You also get a vote on certain decisions, those made by the council of prophetesses.”

So, not much…

“Did you have other questions for me?”, asked Talia.

“So I take it that you are not just an adept, you are a believer.”

“Oh yes. I joined as an adept, you know, for the sex. I dragged my husband here because he was not able to please me properly. I had tried the dens of sins that are swinger’s club but when I heard of this place, I had to try it”

“She was nervous at first”, said Karina.

“I was! But I after a few nights, I was a believer. I never want to leave this place. May the Goddess have my soul”

“May the Goddess have our souls”, added Karina.

“So is there a difference between an adept and a believer, other than the obvious”

“Well, adepts can’t enter the chapel during the night, and they can’t take part of our holy nights, but other than that, we welcome any woman who wishes to join our convenant, whether she believes or not.”, Talia replied.

I greatly regretted feigning to believe in their cause!

“But you are a true believer, even a prophet! Why don’t you join us tonight in the chapel? That’s where the more fervent men usually come for communion. Often, only Talia and I offer communion, you could be very helpful”

So, I guess I would at least try it. I thanked them and explained I had to return to my painting. They actually thanked me and a little dizzy from the new information, I returned to my brushes.

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