Read this first… what is this site?

This site contains mature (18 years old or more) stories serialized chapter by chapter and written by a single (currently anonymous) author (me), all of which contains erotic content (or will at some point for newer serials).

This is not strictly an erotic story site, however, as not all of the chapters of a serial contain sex.

Instead, try to think about this site as a blog posting free stories which tell the story of characters, including their sexual adventures.

Of course, the main subject of each story is created to facilitate sexual adventures, like Pets, who tells the story of 3 college students who experiment with BDSM, CMNF (Clothed-Male Naked Female) and female bisexuality.

But not all of the chapters of Pets contain sex or BDSM, Many of them deal with relationship issues or college life.

The same thing occurs with Harmony, whose first sex scenes occur many chapters into the series, but rest assured, it eventually comes…

This site is a spin-off of my first Erotic Stories site,, where Pets and Harmony were originally published. This site, however, doesn’t simply repost the old chapters, there are partial rewriting and corrections of many chapters, along with, hopefully, a continuation of these 2 stories and the creation of new serials more focused on the CMNF fantasy.

So what is CMNF?

Simply, it’s a fantasy of having Clothed Males and Nude Females interact. In short, any situation where one or more of the women are nude and the men are all dressed up.

In most of my stories, I try to create a setup which justifies it, even if it’s tenuous…

In Faith, the main character works (and lives) on an adult only sex cruise where all female employees are kept (mostly) nude for the enjoyment of the clients

In Alex, the main character flees hitmen and hides in a doomsday cult who believe in female divinity and that women deserve to return to the Garden of Eden and thus, are forced to be nude like Eve, while the men are sinners and must wear clothes.

In Harmony, the stories occurs on a planet where no one bothered to update the order of clothes, so man can still wear utility clothes that never go out of style while women’s clothes change style every season so it’s been decades without any new clothes for women while there was a limited by continuous supply of clothes for men. They incorporated this into their culture over generations so that now, it’s a rule.

In Pets, one of the main characters, Ellie, used her nudity at home to try to get some attention from her distant parents and it developed into a fetish she explores with her new BDSM loving boyfriend and his existing submissive lesbian roommate

In Sue, the main character makes a new girlfriend, Sue, who enjoys spending time in the nude. I’ll be honest, this one wasn’t created to be a CMNF story, it was adapted into one, but honestly, sometimes, the simplest explanation is the best.

In the Circle,  the main character simply has a CMNF fetish and organizes with her husband CMNF events. Why complicate things?

Cookie is a filler: a story of independent chapters in which the title character always ends up nude in front of other people, both male and female.

the Karen story is completely different to the above seven: it’s an enforced male chastity story, so unlike the other seven where the males are rather dominant toward the nude female, Karen uses her nudity to tease her chaste husband and torment him. It’s a very different style of CMNF, where the focus, instead of being on the shame of the female of being nude, it’s on the shame of the male of being unable to have an erection.

Why did I create a new site?

Because I was getting scattered on, mixing many subjects which didn’t interest all of my readers, and certainly didn’t all interest me. Lizzie, for example, was fun to write but was too far away from my own fantasies to make it work, and so on…