Pets Chapter 1 (Ellie): First Day

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Walking through the corridors of the college, I realized how much schools all looked like each other. Sure, this was no longer high school, but the same boring texture remained. Students were older, but certainly not more mature .


Pets Chapter 2 (Richard): Waiting for Lunch

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Even though I was walking away from the class, my thoughts were stationary and lingered on Ellie. She was really something, a fish out of the water. For an unknown reason, I had always been attracted to unhappy girls. Maybe I always felt I was unable to satisfy one which was already at peace with

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Pets Chapter 3 (Candy): First Impression

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Richard was daydreaming when I came in. I politely saluted him by nodding my head and went to pick up our food. I really like seeing him in his green shirt. The shade really contrasted with his brown hair and eyes, and his skin looks more lively. At first, you would have thought, green? On Richard?

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Pets Chapter 4 (Ellie): Back Home

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My only class of the afternoon only lasted long enough to distribute the syllabus, so I was back home much earlier than I thought. I started with a long bubble bath, and ended up lost in my thoughts until well after all of the bubbles were gone. At first, I anticipated college to be as

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Pets Chapter 5 (Richard): Good morning

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I didn’t have any classes until 10h on Tuesday but I was restless so I decided to walk around campus, partly to remain awake but also partly in the hope of seeing Ellie again. When Candy told me she called, I couldn’t help but feel joyful and uplifted. All night long, I analyzed what the

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Pets Chapter 7 (Richard): First Scene

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After my proposition, Ellie simply stood there, silent. I decided to take that as a sign she accepted my offer and asked Candy to go lie face down on the floor, in front of Ellie while I retrieved a long piece of rope and my toolbox. I slowly took my time to tie Candy’s hands

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Pets Chapter 8 (Candy): Waking Up

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I woke up on the floor of the living room, confused and rested. When Richard had first suggested I sleep on the floor, I thought I would never get used to it, but I find myself waking up outside of the bed more and more frequently. The one new thing was that I was naked.

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Pets Chapter 9 (Ellie): Lunch, served Hot

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As soon as my last class of the evening was over, I ran toward the cafeteria. Richard and Amber had opened my eyes to a new world, and it seems as if I couldn’t wait to explore it. I was disappointed to discover I was alone in our little corner of the cafeteria, but Amber

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Pets Chapter 10 (Ellie): A Date

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Finally, we were in the car, driving to our date. We would stop at my apartment first to pick up the food, but in less than half an hour, I would finally be naked in their apartment. Last night had been pretty exciting but left me longing for more. Richard had dropped a little wax

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