All of June programmed!

So, with Pets Chapter 54 and Sue Chapter 28, I managed today to finish filling up the queue for June! Both are also, in a way, more or less conclusions of mini-arcs.

I even have 2 chapters schedules for July (Nancy chapter 2 and 3 for July 2nd and 9th, respectively).

Chapter 54 of Pets was planned to be the original climax of the novel, but instead of rising in dramatic consequences, it will fizzle out since I will try to continue it as a serial…

July 1st should be a Karen chapter, and July 3rd an Alex chapter.

What will show up for Thursdays and Fridays in July? I am not sure yet.. Faith should have new chapters, but so would Sue, Pets and perhaps The Circle!

I feel like this is all good news, with a flexible buffer, I can just write what I am inspired to and add them at the end of the queue!