The Circle Chapter 10: Kim and I

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Both Kim and I looked deeply into Stephanie’s eyes, unsure what she wanted to do.

“I want to see you guys have sex. Not a threesome, not a show for me. Just do it like when I am not there. I want to feel the love you have for each other. My memories seem to tell me what I love the feeling, but now, I want to feel it.”

“Are you sure?”, I asked. “The old you wouldn’t have liked it at all”

“I know! Part of me is indeed terrified. But honestly, like you said, the more I will listen to those memories the longer it will take for me to recover, right?”

“Yeah”, replied Kim. “And so that part of you, I want to repeat that both of us love you and neither of us want a life without you in it”.

“Oh silly, I know that already! I could feel it loud and clear. What I want to see now, is what is between the two of you!”

Stephanie moved further away on the bed, and sat on the foot of the bed, with her legs on the carpet and her back turned to look at us.

“Pretend I am not there. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t seek my approval or something”.

“Ok, do you have any…”, I started to ask.

“Was I not clear?”, she interrupted. “I am not here.”

I got closer to Kim. I realized I had not properly thanked her for coming as fast as she did.

“You know Kim, it was wonderful that you volunteered to remain available like you did, and came as fast as you did”.

She thanked me, and added, “And thank you for looping me in! I am really happy to be back in this condo”.

“And me, I am really, really happy to have you naked on this bed, right now, for me to ravish”.

“Oooh… You always knew what to say to make a women feel desired.”

She moved forward and kissed me. Soon, she seemed to want to look at Stephanie, but I used my hand to make her focus on me.

I was still fully dressed, but she was already nude, so I began undoing a button of my shirt but she stopped me and instead, undid with relative speed the whole row.

Kim had surprised me the first time: from her time working in a men’s boutique while in college, she had managed to learn how to untie all of the buttons of a shirt with record speed, while holding the shirt by the collar thus learning how to do it with only one hand!

I did sneak a peak and say that Stephanie seemed impressed. Hell, I was and it’s something I’d seen her do hundreds of time!

She helped me remove the shirt and as soon as I was topless, she pressed her breasts in my chest hair and hugged me tight to make sure I could feel her femininity pressing on me,

We resumed kissing and it didn’t take long for her to grab my pants so she could help me undress, all without really stopping to kiss.

I thought about what Stephanie might be thinking: sex between us prior to the pills was routine and almost mechanic. We would undress each on our side and initiate sex while already nude.

What Kim and I were doing, despite the fact that Kim was already nude, was adding the removal of my clothes as part of the foreplay.

It didn’t take long for me to be as naked as my two lovely companions, revealing yet again a full erection.

I admit, I have been taking mild testosterone supplements, something that Kim had heard about to help satisfy both women.

It’s not that I am truly in andropause, just that at my age my testosterone level wasn’t quite high enough to please two horny women!

Kim didn’t take long to take my erect member into her mouth: she had learn to take it all in over the years something she quite enjoyed, not that I ever complained.

Her saliva soon coated my member and she soon flipped herself to jump on my member, almost brutally stabbing herself. Stephanie was still at the end of the bed then, so she stood up and sat next to me so she would have a good vantage point on the action.

Our girlfriend, when on top, doesn’t really pump up and down as grind her hips against mine so her clitoris would rub against me and the deviations of the angles of her vagina would cause my rod to press inside her womb as tried to rock in the opposite direction to amplify her movements.

What I really enjoyed was that the reduced movement allowed me to last a lot longer and often have enjoy to please both women in sequence. When Kim knew she was only first, she would use her fingers to caress herself but Stephanie only wanted to look so she instead lived in the moment and seemed to try to enjoy her time.

I began caressing her breasts, one of the biggest advantages of this cowgirl position was the clear access to the woman’s chest and the fact that she could set the tone.

I took a look at Stephanie who was smiling, but mostly looking at Kim. It increased my desire but I tried to concentrate on not increasing it too much: Kim was usually fast to come but I didn’t want to blow it.

She must have felt I was a little distant: she lowered herself on me so she could kiss me, and pivoted her hips to begin more traditional thrusts. “I am almost there”, she whispered.

I knew what to do… I accelerated my movements and concentrated on memories of our sexy times together: either with Kim, with my wife or all three! It didn’t take long for Kim to climax and I followed in the few following seconds, erupting inside of her while she was still moaning.

I didn’t take long for all three of us to cuddle in bed, and for Stephanie to thank me with words, and a kiss.


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