Holes in the buffer? You said there would be no schedule!

This morning, I programmed 2 chapters for Karen to run on May 27th and June 3rd, despite the fact that the current end of the buffer is on May 20th.

I am not introducing a schedule: it’s just that these Karen’s chapters all occur in micro-time one after the other on the same night and it’s easier to focus on that storyline than to switch between stories: lots of character to keep track of, long sequence of events, lots of sex which I want to keep fresh between chapters instead of just repeating the same style and that it all much easier if I focus on a single story.

I still have  2 or 3 chapters for Karen to write and the current buffer allows me to do that.  Once that sequence is done, I will start filling the days between the Karen chapters and hopefully, will manage to do so without skipping any days.

The thing that worries me, however, is that I have a vacation coming up and I might not be able to write as much, but I do hope to fill in a few chapters.

What does this mean for the other stories? That once the night for Karen is done, I will need to pump a few chapters to rebuild the buffer but I hope to be able to write a few more mini-arcs like I am doing for Karen.

I have one just around the corner for Harmony and another one for Alex (if I can manage to write the 5th chapter).

Pets is in the middle of one: the originally planned conclusion of the novel which will be less intense than the plan since I do plan to continue it unlike in the planned novel.

Sue is, in a way, in the middle of one but it wasn’t planned as such: it’s more the result of micro-time mismanagement. Unlike Pets and Karen, there is no unifying theme other than the main character spending time with Sue and Annie on a Sunday afternoon.

My goal is to hopefully write more mini-arcs like this in the future which is why Cookie has been put aside for now: her arcs are all one chapter long and as such, are not conducive to mini-arcs.

So, what is the status of each story regarding mini-arcs:

  • The Circle: still gearing up. I have a mini-arc planned since the beginning, but I have to get thru a few chapters first
  • Harmony: next chapter will feature sex, and then, back to some planning from Harmony until her mini-arc can start. This one was planned from the start
  • Pets: currently at the mid-point of a mini-arc, and was the first one 2019 I ended writing sequentially
  • Alex: one more chapter to write of introduction and then a mini-arc
  • Sue: not officially in a mini-arc, but I am trying to transform the afternoon into a more formal one
  • Faith: Her first day is done. I am currently planning the second day, with a mini-arc in mind but it’s not clear yet. In a way, she just finished her first!
  • Cookie: This is more of a filler… when I get ideas, I write a chapter on it, otherwise, I leave it alone
  • Karen: this is the currently active mini-arc.

What about the possible 9 and 10th stories as teased here?

Phil is still stuck, I spent zero time on him.

Helena however, is VERY slowly taking shape. I am slowly starting to adapt the plan I made when I was 11 to something more coherent but I haven’t found the perfect gimmick yet.

What do I mean by a perfect gimmick? Well, each story has something that sets it apart from the others. For the Circle, it’s the surrendered wife angle. For Alex it’s the cult, for Faith, the commercial nature of a cruise ship.

But what about Helena? What is the thing in it that will set it apart, not just from the 8 stories here but also all those on my old site, especially since it was kind of the source of inspiration for many of my other stories?

Once I figure it out, I’ll update you guys!