Alex Chapter 8: Used

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This entry is part 8 of 7 in the series Alex

The delivery man wasn’t taking no for an answer. In fact, when I resumed my protesting, he put his big hand over my mouth.

“Listen lady, these are the rules here. I’ll be gentle with you but this is happening. Tomorrow, I’ll get you more supplies, and we will all make sure everyone one of your needs are met. But tonight, and tomorrow night, and every other night, this is happening.”

I froze. He was a lot stronger than I was as soon as I stopped struggling, he removed his hand over my mouth and instead, plunged his large erect cock, bare, within my dry pussy.

Not once. Not once had I ever had sex without a condom. Not once. Not once had I ever had sex without proper foreplay. Not once. Not once had I ever had sex without knowing the name of the guy entering me.

Not once had I been raped.

But what scared me, is that to this man, to this place, this wasn’t rape. This was normal.

The pain in my loin didn’t last long however. It only took a few thrusts to my vagina to produce enough liquid to allow for a more pleasing act.

“See, your body is reacting. It’s not so bad, right?”

Unsure of what to do, I just nodded. It wasn’t so bad after all.

The burly man kissed my neck and pressed himself on my body, trying to increase the length of his movement, allowing for more sensations.

I tried to resign myself to the act, to focus on the pleasure and not on the violation of my body.

Was it so bad, after all? I could paint all day and the cartels or whatever wouldn’t find me here.

I began focusing on what I could paint, thinking about the fresh food I had eaten, thinking about a good night sleep.

Before long, my mind was wandering away and I was no longer feeling bad for what was happening.

But then, something odd began happening. I began feeling the pleasure from the act.

Flashbacks began occurring in my mind: a few times, my boyfriend had decided to have sex with me while I was either not in the mood or not fully available and it wasn’t that bad.

Why did I think that this had never occurred? Because I didn’t know this man, and didn’t tell him yes, but the rest wasn’t that unfamiliar.

As I was thinking that perhaps, this wasn’t too bad, he came and for the first time, sperm was ejaculated into my body.

He quickly exited, kissed me on the cheek and left my bed, putting his pants back on. Without saying a word, he left me alone on the bed and left my shack.

Relieved, I realized how dark my shack was. Shaking on the bed, I thought about the recent events and wondered how shocked I really was.

The door opened again, without the bother of a knock. I could see the faint outline of two men entering my shack.

Without saying a word, I could hear them removing their pants and quickly understood what was about to happen.

I had to make a choice. Was this so bad? I did like sex, at least, with my boyfriend. This was new, but what was I supposed to do?

I was grabbed and placed, again, without a word, so I would be on all fours as one of the men knelled behind me to take me from behind.

He gently aimed for my vagina and easily entered it as I had not dried up from the previous penetration.

I decided to focus on the pleasure and realized that my body had warmed up from the first act and was ready for more.

I also realized that I wasn’t that opposed to this.

The other guy knelled in front of me. I could faintly see his erection so I gently pulled it closer and took it in my mouth.

I had performed countless oral sex on my boyfriend but since he only has one cock, never while I was being penetrated.

One thing was sure, concentrating on performing a good fellatio was taking my mind off the surrealism of the scene.

I heard noise behind me, but couldn’t see since I wasn’t in a position to turn my head.

The man behind me came and I could very well feel him ejaculate deeply inside of me.

A soon as he exited my loin, the one in front of my pulled away from my mouth and he quickly grabbed me by my waist as he was laying down the bed.

He pulled me on top of him and guided my crotch to align with his cock.

I then felt hands on my back. I had heard the previous guy leave so this meant that a fourth man had entered.

He stood up on the bed, in front of me, and shoved his dick into my mouth. It didn’t have a full erection yet but it didn’t take long for it to harden as my tongue was working on it.

Soon however, he pulled away, and went behind me. He pushed on my back to force me to press my breast of my 3rd partner’s shirt: he took the opportunity to kiss me on my mouth, while still rocking his hips to gyrate his dick inside of me.

The 4th men, meanwhile, knelled behind me and began pushing against my rectum.

It was awkward, as my pussy was already filled, so he had to push on my hips to align me properly and using his other hand, he managed to enter my anus and to gently glide inside.

I felt as if my loin would explode! With two dicks in such a small space, I had the impression I would explode from the pressure.

Instead however, I exploded another way: my body tensed up and I climaxed rather violently, as the rocking of both men continued within me and the partner under me was playing with my breasts.

My mind wandered away from the bursting orgasm but the act was far from over!

My vaginal partner came soon after and awkwardly left the bed but my sodomy partner was only starting.

It felt like hours but eventually, finally, he erupted inside my bowels, and left my bed soon after without even saying a word or my seeing his face.

In fact, apart from the delivery man, I hadn’t really seen any of my partners.

I stayed on my bed, shaking. Was I fine with this? Was this so horrible?

Perhaps not. I could get used to this.

I fell asleep rather fast, and was only awaken with the sound of birds the next morning, smiling.

Perhaps I even enjoyed it.

Note from the Author: This chapter is NOT a claim that rape is enjoyed by the women being raped. Alex, in particular, has a repressed desire for free use which will be slowly revealed in future chapters. Already, in this chapter, she admits to having enjoyed it twice when her boyfriend just imposed himself on her despite denying it at the beginning of the chapter. Please do not think that I condone rape and in fact, not in any of my 327 chapters on my original site was rape featured. Borderline sexual situation perhaps, notably in the Olivia and Susanna stories but Olivia was abandoned in part because I didn’t like the direction.

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