The Circle Chapter 7: Going down

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This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series The Circle

Stephanie and Kim were still kissing, when my wife pulled our lover from the sitting position to lay on the bed by her side. Both women faced each other while kissing, and Stephanie was caressing Kim’s hair while Kim was resting her right arm (she was laying on her left side) on top of my wife’s left hip.

I watched with excitement as Stephanie pushed Kim on her back and laid her body on top of hers, intertwining their legs. I had seen her do this exact move several times.

Stephanie broke the kiss and began kissing Kim’s neck, while rubbing her thigh on her lover’s privates all while pressing her clitoris into Kim’s thigh.

Kim and I made eye contact and smiled. Was this conditioning? Was this memories coming back to the surface?

She was already gasping her air, I think the shock and surprise of getting her lover back was taking her breath away!

Stephanie suddenly stopped and moved away. Did something occur? Did she want to say something? No, she instead pivoted and placed herself in a 69 with Kim. It went a few seconds, but she suddenly spoke. “Wow, this is really uncomfortable. Did we really do that?”

I replied. “Not really…”

“Oh..”, she said, and moved off Kim. Instead, she placed herself opposite Kim and began sliding her legs between them. Kim quickly understood and pivoted on her side. Gently, Stephanie got closer until their genitals could touch, and each of the girl held the other girl’s leg. They began rubbing their private parts in the hope of getting some pleasure, but once again, Stephanie gave up. “Geez! Everything fails this morning!”

She quickly pivoted and plated her face on Kim’s mound and began performing oral sex on our girlfriend. It didn’t take long for Kim to start breathing harder. “Now that is working”, she added.

Stefanie just held her thumb up, and Kim began caressing her hair.

I laid on the bed next to Kim and began kissing her while caressing her breasts. I wife began caressing my leg without giving up on Kim.

Kim seemed preoccupied: she seemed torn between caressing my wife’s hair and taking care of me. I whispered : “Focus on her” and she nodded, but soon resumed kissing me.

It took some time for Kim to start having an even deeper breathing but Stephanie wasn’t giving up.

Kim broke our kiss to climax and soon after, Stephanie glided between us in order to cuddle her lover while puling me closer to her. She turned her neck to kiss me, allowing me to taste Kim on her lips but soon faced Kim to kiss her while she was still in orgasmic bliss.

We stayed close for a few minutes, perhaps no one wanted to break the silence, but Kim eventually did. “That was amazing”.

Stephanie thanked her, and added “I think I got clear flashes of memory from our past sex together. I knew how to do things, but it wasn’t always perfectly clear.

Kim replied that “Well, it did seem like you knew what you were doing”.

“Well, that is all good news! Maybe you’ll get all of your memories back!”, I added.

“It’s a small bar, right?”, she asked.

“What do you mean?”, I replied.

“Where we meet for the CMNF club. It’s in a small bar?”

“Oh, right, it’s in the basement of one of our members. He let’s us use it and even adapted it to our needs in exchange for having the right to assist to the evenings. He is rather nice. We used to rent a meeting room, but it costed a lot of money”.

“There is a Jukebox in the corner, right? And a pool table, and plenty of leather couches. Oh, and 2 tables with chairs?”. That last thing was very confused in tone.

Kim replied. “Yes, that’s the restaurant area. We can serve food and drinks. It’s a popular fantasy, the naked waitress, both for the guys and the girls doing it.”

“I can see that. I guess it’s all about recreating the normal interactions, but with the women being nude, right?”.

Kim and I laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Well”, I said, “That’s how you usually pitch it to potential new members. They ask you what happens in an evening, and you say exactly that! That some play pool, some serve beer, some dance, some serve food. That it’s all about recreating normal interactions, except that the women are naked”.

“I guess I am getting some of my memories back then…”

Kim asked: “Do you have memories of people in the bar?”

“It’s fuzzy. I kind of remember you and I serving some pies to a group of men at the table, but I don’t see their faces. Well, Mike is there, but I don’t see the others. I can also see I think, Dania that you talked about, but she isn’t clear in my focus. There is also a well, curvier woman?”

“Ah, that’s Linda.”, I explained. “She is indeed a little fattier and she uses the CMNF as a way to both accept her body and get her to lose weight. Very nice, she is very vanilla, mainly just hangs out with her husband and the rest of the guys”

Kim put some precision. “We sometimes get her to help with food on special events, but she is there strictly to show her body, and that’s fine. We also need women like that, and she is very nice.”

Stephanie said, “I think I kind of can see that. I think I have a good feeling about her. Bob? Isn’t her husband called Bob?”

Kim applauded. “Yes, he is! He is very nice too. Doesn’t touch the women, doesn’t really look at them. He only has eyes for his wife.”

“I seem to remember a mattress on the floor?”

Kim took that one “Yes, that for well, sex… but it’s after the event, when most of the members have left. Well, that’s not true. Julie sometimes has sex with her boyfriend on it during the event, and other times she just masturbates on it. We did have swingers in the past who would invite some of our guys to join them but they didn’t last.”

“I think I remember that. Was it because they weren’t respectful enough or something?”

I took that one, “Yes, it’s not that they were swingers, we’d welcome more of them any day, it’s that they couldn’t respect the tone we were, well, you were trying to set. You were trying to set a gradual increase in sexual tension while they were more like straight shooters: ready to have sex in the first minute of the event. You, and Kim, oh, and Dania, you all like to slowly increase the tension, to start calm and gently increase the tension. Like touch the guys a little more as times go back, lean a little more, etc…”

Stephanie suddenly looked tense.

“Why do I suddenly have a memory of Kelly, naked, at the bar? Why is our daughter at one of our events?”, she said, angry.

Oh boy. The cat is out of the bag now!

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