Sue Chapter 15: Seeing Annie

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I woke up second, which is not something that occurs frequently. Sue wasn’t in bed anymore, and her clothes weren’t in the room either. I left my bedroom without bothering to dress back up: she hadn’t the other times.. I woke up and saw Sue in my kitchen, eating breakfast with Annie and realized that

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Sue Chapter 14: Sue Sleeping in

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And so, here we were, in front of my door, seconds after our first fight in which I learned that I wasn’t just dating Sue, but that in a way, I was also expected to please Annie. I mean, I am not disappointed, like I said, Annie has very interesting physical features, but this was

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Harmony Chapter 24: Playing with the cook

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By the time I was done in the kitchen, it was already time for the supper banquet and so, I ate with my current family. I made efforts to try and get closer to Cassiopeia who was the sister-wife I felt the closest to. I mean, Tiffany was a bimbo while Penelope was nice but

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Harmony Chapter 21: Stephen’s family

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I had explored the rest of the factory fast enough, seeing plenty more of interesting material to export. The next ship was due to arrive in only 3 weeks, I made a mental note to plan the exports as efficiently as possible to maximize our, well, my, revenues. The problem was that there was a

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Harmony Chapter 8: Going to bed

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From the outside, the little houses looked desperately tiny. At first glance earlier that day, I had imagined a couple living in each of the metal containers and found them terribly inadequate for that purpose. Now that I realized at the banquet that each man in the city had 3 to 5 concubines, it was

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