Cookie Chapter 3: The meal

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This entry is part 3 of 2 in the series Cookie

It wasn’t our first event, but I still had butterflies all over my stomach despite everything resting on Cookie’s shoulders.

Well, not just Cookie’s, Paul would also be in trouble if the meal failed, but in all honesty, no one would care about him. All eyes would be on Cookie.

So Cookie isn’t my wife’s real name, but she didn’t pick the name at random. She is actually a cook and a very, very good one.

She is now the day head cook at a fine dining restaurant in town and as such, thankfully, doesn’t have to work weekends like she used to.

The pay hit was significant but the quality of life increase was worth it: instead of working 6 days of 14 hours per day, she works 5 days per week and typically, only 9 to 11 hours!

I still find it insane but she loves to cook, hence this monthly gathering.

With Paul, a swinger we met at an event and we quickly discovered that he was cook too!

This is where the idea for this monthly meeting occurred. For $150, our guests can dine on a fine 7-course meal prepared by two of the best chefs in town, and be served by two totally nude sexy women: Cookie and Paul’s wife Simone.

Simone, a gang-bang enthusiast would also serve as dessert, but let’s not go ahead of ourselves!

The first 2 meals had already been served: antipasto composed of a delicate plate of cheese, olives and a few cured slices of meat which was all quite easy to prepare, followed by the second dish they ate with appetite: a salmon paté served on delicate biscuits with beautifully carved carrots and spinach leaves.

These had been prepared ahead of the evening and the 3rd meal was about to be served: a wonderful cream chowder that is Paul’s secret recipe.

No, the problem tonight was with the main meal: the marinated beef tenderloin that my wife was preparing for the main meal was not cooking properly and our guests would have to wait which was something unthinkable for a chef like her.

Paul kept trying to tell her that he could delay the chowder to buy her some time, but just as Cookie could be submissive at an event, she was equally fierce as a cook.

Simone could sense the tension like I did and proposed to try and entertain the guests while the cooking continued.

I elected to stay in the kitchen and try to help but I certainly could hear some cheering from the dining room as I helped Paul prepare the soup as my wife was anxiously looking at the beef in the oven.

I must admit it was absolutely sexy to see her kneeling in front of the oven with only an apron and a chef hat on. From this vantage point, I could see her bare ass sticking out and even her breast half popping out of the apron as the fabric was loose from the way she leaned forward to see well.

She was licking her lips: visibly, the meat was starting to look better. Maybe the meal would be salvaged. Well, who I am kidding? Cookie knew what she was doing but still panicked almost every time.

I shouldn’t complain: the adrenaline rush always made her extra feisty in bed later that evening and I wondered if we would even make it to the bed!

The soup was ready, and Cookie gave us the go ahead. Only a few minutes had passed since her outburst but suddenly, the calm had returned.

I brought two of the soups, but Simone, who was sitting on one of our regulars, quickly excused herself and ran to the kitchen, with her bouncing breasts captivating the attention of every man in the room, present company included.

I served the two soups but sat down at my place: I was a patron too, in a way!

Simone and Cookie quickly brought 4 more soups and delivered them in the proper way: by kneeling between two gentlemen and gently placing the bowls in front of each of them.

For the other meals, it was a light task, but when you are kneeling, naked, with hot soup in your hands, it’s a lot more tricky then you can imagine!

Cookie made sure that she was the one to deliver me my soup, and we took the opportunity to kiss, just as she was still kneeling beside me. My partner, Kyle, seemed jealous of the attention, but Cookie failed to notice.

The soup was delicious and hot enough to be savored instead of just eaten. Simone stayed to offer salt, pepper or anything else but in reality, it was her nude body which was in demand.

Simone slowly picked up the empty bowls: I knew she was just trying to win some time for the main meal, but quickly enough, she returned, with Cookie in tow, with the first 4 plates of beef which was just succulent and as tender as you could ever hope.

For then one, things would calm down: the salads (our 5th servings) were 90% done, only the dressing had to be put on them. The cheese plates, our last meal prior to the dessert were in the fridge and only need a few touches.

The rest of the meal went on without a hitch, even the exquisite flamed ice cream dessert: seeing 2 beautiful nude ladies bring you flaming ice cream is something every man should savor with his eyes!

Everything was delicious, as always. Cookie got a round of applause after the meal, even if it must have hurt Paul’s ego a little but in all honesty, neither of them came for the praise and the clients didn’t really come for the food.

Simone invited the men to join her in the basement bedroom for some private fun: she would bang each and every one of them and as much as Cookie wanted to perform her gang bang preparation routine, she and I instead went upstairs and made passionate love as we were hearing Simone screaming her lungs out while, we presume, she was getting a double penetration.

Cleaning the kitchen would wait.

Once we were done, we went back to sneak a peek and saw that Simone was performing oral sex on Kyle, who was standing before her, still dressed but with his cock out, while Paul was under her, naked, having anal sex and Richard, one of our regular who was right now only wearing a shirt, was awkwardly trying to hold one while plowing her front behind.

Jake surprised us from behind. He was fully dressed. “Are you guys joining the fun?”, he asked with hope in his voice.

“No”, I replied.

Cookie turned around and asked him, “But I could warm you up if you want…”, with a devious smile.

Jake simply nodded and within seconds, Cookie was kneeling in front of him, attacking his pant’s zipper to pull out his half-erect cock.

With her right hand, she was gently handling his balls while using her left at the base of his dick. She began by kissing the top of his cock but quickly stopped.

“Oh, you had her already?”

“Yeah, but I was hoping to do you…”

“Sorry”, she replied. “Not tonight.”.

Without saying anything else, she resumed kissing the tip of his erect member and slowly began taking more and more in her mouth, until she managed to get is almost all in.

I took a peek behind and the positions had changed: Kyle was dressed back up and another guy had taken his place. I tried to remember his name but just couldn’t. Paul was still under his wife, but he was visibly done: he no longer was inside of her and his erection had vanished. He probably didn’t get out because Richard was still at it.

I turned my attention back to my wife. Jake was visibly enjoying his fellatio but I knew Cookie and just as I was thinking it, she pulled away. “Sorry, I don’t swallow other guys… but if you hurry, Simone loves to.

Dejected, he ran in the bedroom to stand next to the guy I forgot the name of, but Simone quickly analyzed the situation and left his side to focus on Jake’s about to burst member.

I grabbed my wife by the waist and we entered the room in time to see Simone swallow the sperm that Cookie prepared. I looked at my wife and she was smiling.

All and all, a good night…

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