The Circle chapter 6: Surrendered Wife

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Kim took Stephanie’s hand and began explaining where the word Surrendered came from.

“It’s from a book you found. Yes, you… Not Mike, not I, not my ex. You. It’s called The Surrendered Wife and it gives a path for women to be happy, truly happy, by surrendering to their husband.”

Stephanie seemed shocked, so I stepped in. “Surrendering, not submitting. There is a big difference.”

She added, “then what is it?”

“In short, women are taught to control their husbands, to micro-manage the house, to be in charge but we are never actually taught how to do that, aren’t we? We are never taught to take actual care of us. But at the same, we are taught a lot of negative things like anxiety, worrying over nothing, our self-image, etc…”

“Yeah, I can see that”, she replied. Good I thought, that’s at least the first step.

“So the author’s suggestion is to simply defer a lot of our decisions to our husband. Instead of excluding him from the decision making, to actually let him be in charge. For example, instead of nagging him to do the dishes, isn’t it easier to just do them and let him find something better to occupy him like handle the finance, or make sure the cars run properly?”

“I am following you so far…”, Stephanie replied.

“I sure hope you, these are your actual words, those your told me to explain to me how you lived with Mike.”

Stephanie laughed. “I guess I was quite a phenomenon during those four years!”

Kim didn’t let go. “And you were actually happy! You told me your anxiety actually went down, and not because it was muted by your pills, but because you could trust Mike and stop second guessing him, you, or me.”

“And you bought this too?”

“Heck yeah, I surrended to him too and I was never happier.”, she said, smiling at me.

“So, day to day, what does that mean?”, she asked, looking at me.

“It means we continue like in the past. We talk about options, we discuss solutions, but I make the final decision. It doesn’t mean I decide everything, you and Kim often have very good ideas, but in case of a conflict, I decide. It also means no arguing, no fighting. If we disagree on something, I decide. It doesn’t mean I am right, in fact, I might decide your option or Kim’s option, but it means I make the ruling.”

Kim added: “I think the theory is that men are supposed to be more rational, so they are less swayed by emotions”

Stephanie laughed. “But didn’t we use to have large fights?”

I was about to answer, but Kim stopped me. “Yeah, I bet, and I used to have huge fights with each of my exes, but I never fought with Mike, why? Because I decided to trust him. I decided that if he puts his foot down, he has a pretty valid reason and I should back down, and so far, I can count on only one hand the times he was wrong, and of those times, not once was he so wrong that I regretted his choice.”

“But he made mistakes”

“Yeah, but he owed to them. One of those times was when he decided that it was time for me to move in with you guys for good.”

“You did?”, she said, surprised.

“Yeah, and while it wasn’t a disaster, the condo was too small! For a truple to work, we need not just to work as three, but also as 3 couples. Your office is in the bedroom, so if we decide Mike and I to be intimate between us and you want to work, what do we do? If you want time alone with him because, hey, he was your husband first, where do I go? If you and I want a nice supper alone in the house, what do we do with him?”

“Wait, do you mean that… no, that’s  actually OK. I think I am fine with all of that. I think I have words floating in my mind telling me this is all right, but also old words telling me to run away, but I think the new ones are winning. I think this all makes sense.”

Both Kim and I nodded. I resumed the discussion.

“So I got a second apartment close by. It’s not big, it’s not luxurious or anything, it’s only 1 bedroom, a tiny kitchen and living room area but it’s cheap and, well, close.”, I explained.

Kim added “And it’s not actually my apartment. Well, it is since yesterday, but it wasn’t prior to that. It was just another place to go. Sometimes just one of us, sometimes two of us, and sometimes, all three of us.”

“So it’s like a bachelor pad, but for us.”, my wife asked

“Yeah, pretty much.”, I replied.

“Is the fridge yellow?”

We both dropped our jaw in shock.

“Yeah, do you remember it?”, Kim asked.

“Just the kitchen for now. I can almost see it. And I have clearer memories of you, Kim, in my mind. I don’t just see a face now.”, she said, blushing.

Kim blushed a little too, “Oh?”, she asked.

“Yeah. I think you have way too many clothes on for the co-leader of a CMNF group, don’t you think?”

“Does this mean you remember Kim as your girlfriend?”, I asked.

“No, but I remember her body, and I remember touching it in this very bed. So, I decided the wise choice is to trust both of you and remain surrendered.”

Kim looked at me and I nodded. She removed her shirt, exposing her naked breasts and dropped her pants, showing that as was usually the case, she wore no panties.

After kicking her shoes and her socks, I once again had my two female partners naked, on my bed, only this time, without any medication to break progress.

I checked the time: we still had 4 hours before Kelly would arrive, and as I was thinking of how to move things forward, I saw Stephanie grab Kim’s hand to bring her lips closer to hers.

As my two girlfriends kissed, my pants became tighter. Yes, perhaps everything would be fine.

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