The buffer is saved? Perhaps too early to celebrate

I managed to write a few chapters this week despite the allergies. I even surprised myself. I would be lying, however, if I claimed they had much quality…

Still, I managed to fill this week’s buffer and to program the first 2 chapters of the Faith mini-arc which will run next Tuesday (May 28th) and the following one, (June 4th).

Tomorrow’s Alex chapter is a simple continuation, but she is nearing her first mini-arc: I plan to write the sequel to it (Chapter 6) for next Wednesday (hopefully) and perhaps Chapter 7 will be the first of her mini-arc (or it will be the 8th).

Pets is also nearing a mini-arc, but that’s with Richard’s next chapter and first, I need to write Candy’s chapter, hopefully for Thursday the 30th (update: it is scheduled for the 29th). After that, I should switch to the next Pets mini-arc which was also planned before the first chapter was written.

That will mean I will need to write the May 31st Chapter which I plan to be from The Circle, but it might be from Sue, I am not sure yet.

Soon, Harmony will return with new chapters… I promise.

Still, between my allergies and the time that flies by, I do not consider the buffer to be stable yet… perhaps once I will have a few mini-arcs running, but by the time I get enough, Karen’s will be over!

Fortunately, I have a second one on the planning phase!

So, here is the status of mini-arcs:

  1. Karen: one is completely programmed, to run on Monday until June 17th. Another one should run after that one, probably on Mondays too
  2. Faith: She is starting her mini-arc, to run on Tuesdays, with 2 chapters written and scheduled and a few more planned and outlined. A second one is in the pipeline
  3. Alex: One more chapter to present the chapter and the next mini-arc will run, probably on Wednesdays
  4. Pets: One more chapter for Candy, and then, the last planned mini-arc from the original outline. Pets will enter unknown territory as this was planned to be the end of the novel. will probably run on Thursdays, in honor of its old schedule day (back on when it was alternating with Sam, an abandoned story)
  5. Sue: I feel as though I am in the middle of a mini-arc in itself. I am not sure how to handle it, I feel trapped in micro-time and would need a week to elapse… perhaps that’s my solution? Simply write the supper with Sue, sex between the three characters and do a simple “one week later?” where I can introduce the next mini-arc?
  6. The Circle: I am nearing a mini-arc, but not quite there yet. I am unsure how to handle the super and how far to go
  7. Harmony: I have a mini-arc planned, but I still need a few chapters to get there. It will probably be in July or August
  8. Cookie: she will never get a mini-arc.

In short:

  • Mondays: Karen, perhaps 2 mini-arcs in a row
  • Tuesdays: Faith, perhaps 2 and maybe 3 mini-arcs in a row
  • Wednesdays: Alex, only a single mini-arc, but it’s not ready to start yet
  • Thursday: one more chapter of Pets (Candy’s) and the new mini-arc should start
  • Friday: Will contain stand-alone chapters until Sue is ready for her next mini-arc

The Circle and Harmony will replace Alex on Wednesdays and Pets on Thursdays once they will be done.

Cookie is on hiatus until I get a new idea of a night out for them that I can’t use in other stories.