Alex Chapter 7: Painting

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I finished sketching my first canvas soon after supper, and began preparing my paint right afterwards.

The first lines went well: this wasn’t my first painting so despite the difference in painting company and brush types I was able to properly translate my vision on the canvas.

I didn’t start with a big one: I picked the smallest one he brought as a test run.

It didn’t take long for the lake to start to form, even if the 2 women bathing in it were still just vague forms.

It was harder than I was used to because these colors weren’t exactly the ones I used at home.

I rarely use colors directly from the tube and instead, mix my own colors as most painters do, but since I am not used to them, it takes some getting used to.

I had my full palette of water colors prepped when the delivery man knocked again on the door.

I welcomed him and he took a look at my organization.

“I like how you placed everything. Do you mind if I watch you paint a little? If I know how you work, I might find more things to buy for you”

I was used with my boyfriend watching me paint, and I had sometimes painted in a gallery or another. I was used to people looking at me paint, but this would be my first time doing it in the nude.

Well, that’s not technically true… I remember once time finishing a painting after having sex with my boyfriend and not bothering dressing back up because I was socking wet from perpiration. He was equally nude and watched me paint so long that he fell asleep in my studio.

The delivery man sat in one of my chairs and stayed silent, looking at me paint.

The green for the grass was giving me a lot of problems however. I couldn’t get the perfect color I wanted. I think he sensed my frustration and asked me if there was a problem.

“It’s not the greens I am used to so I don’t quite get the perfect tint I want.”

“I think they have more colors. I can buy them tomorrow if you want.”

“I’d like that”.

I dumped my green experiments in some of the small containers and concentrated on the two girls.

Skin tones are hard to get right but because my canvas is small enough, I didn’t have to put too much details. The hair however, was tricky because one was blonde and the other a brunette, requiring two complete palettes for the sun shining in them.

I heard the bell ring three times in the background, perhaps announcing an event?

I concentrated on the small details of blonde’s hair as I heard the delivery man move behind me. Perhaps he decided to leave for the event?

But instead, he stood up next to me, delicately took the paint palette and brush I was holding and place them on the crate next to the easel.

“What are you”, but he put his finger on my lips and told me to stay quiet.

“I’ll be gentle if you are nice with me”.

“What does that mean?”

“I said, shush… the sun has set.”

As if this explained everything. Wait, what had she said about the nights?

He planted his lips on my lips and with his right hand, held my neck behind my head. I tried to resist but he pushed.

A few seconds later, he withdrew and said: “Listen, I will be nice with you because I love to see you paint and hope to watch you paint tomorrow, but if you don’t follow the rules, I’ll have to enforce them”

“But”, I began saying.

With that, he picked me up my feet by the waist, and carried me, on his shoulders, to my bed where he quickly, but somewhat gently, deposited me.

I was stunned for a few seconds, wondering what had happened, but he undid his pants, revealing a fully erect cock.

The man have free use of the women at night. That’s what had been said. That’s what I had blocked. That’s why I had wanted to run.

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