A promotion? Really? News that might affect my writing schedule

So, yesterday, my boss and his boss wanted to talk to me after work. Oh oh, I thought, am I in trouble?

Apparently not! I got a promotion!

Ok, it’s not much of one, I only get a small raise because I’ll be doing pretty much the same thing as I do now but from the main office instead of from this office. It’s officially a promotion in the sense that I will be managing from the head office instead of here.

This is great new as the head office is much nicer (I used to work there at a lower position), I know a lot of people there and the office is surrounded by restaurants unlike my current workplace where I pretty much need to pack a lunch every day whether I want to or not.

However, my current office is a longer commute by mass transit then the head office, not just in time, but also in terms stability: I take two buses that are each about 30 minutes and can write a chapter on the bus to work, and another on the bus from work (some days, I have to stand on one of them due to over-crowding so only one chapter on those days).

The head office will mean 3 shorter buses with higher frequency and shorter distances so it will more complicated to take out my laptop to write on the buses: the last two buses are about 5 to 6 minutes each, and the first one is only 20 minutes. Even if I manage to write 100% of the way, that’s a total of only 31 minutes in a bus compared to 60 right now. The total commute is about 40 minutes since I need to wait for a bus 3 times now instead of 2.

My wife and kids are very happy that I will be getting home sooner, and don’t get me wrong, I am too! But this might mean only 1 new chapter per day if I am lucky.

Or maybe I will write at other times?

We’ll see. I know there are also wait times between the buses, so if there are bus shelters, I might write while waiting for the buses, even if it’s just 3 minutes here and there.

I have a good buffer for now, so who knows!

My last day in this office is tomorrow, Friday the 14th. I start in the new office on the 17th, but I don’t expect to be able to write much in the first week or so since I will be learning the new bus schedule (I don’t want to miss my stops because I am writing) and because I might have some documentation from my work to read on the commute.

We’ll see…