Pets Chapter 42 (Richard): Drive home

This entry is part 42 of 42 in the series Pets

I waited for Ellie in front of her building, but knew not to expect Candy: she would finish much later today and had texted me she would find her way back to our apartment. I really, really wasn’t sure bringing Ellie was a good idea: I had to sleep for tonight’s night shift but Ellie’s

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Pets Chapter 41 (Candy): Realizations

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I was in class, trying to concentrate, but my thoughts kept going back to those new desires for Richard. I had been in a BDSM relationship with him for years without ever feeling any actual sexual desires for him. Each time he had used my body for sex, I was pretty much checking out, trying

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Pets Chapter 40 (Ellie): time for a couple

This entry is part 40 of 42 in the series Pets

And so, it seemed like I wasn’t just using nudity for shock value, but that  I had turned into a full-fledged exhibitionist. The practice session with Candy and Richard was really making look forward to Saturday evening and I couldn’t wait to stand once again on that wooden elevated scene, doing humiliating and exciting things

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Pets Chapter 39 (Richard): Rehearsing

This entry is part 39 of 42 in the series Pets

I woke up alone in bed with a completely full bladder. After running to the bathroom, I found Candy and Ellie, naked, sitting in the kitchen against the kitchen counters, whispering and laughing a little with each other and yet, I could feel that something was wrong. “Are you OK girls?”, I asked. “Did something

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Pets Chapter 38 (Candy): Panic in the morning

This entry is part 38 of 42 in the series Pets

I woke up, held by Ellie and realized that my heart was racing. What was I doing? I had licked Richard’s sperm out of my own volition, I had sucked his dick in public. He ejaculated on my breasts. I quietly left the bed, grabbed some of my clothes, got dressed and went in the

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Pets Chapter 37 (Ellie): Back home

This entry is part 37 of 42 in the series Pets

The evening had been surreal. I had never felt so excited before and during the drive home, thanks to my, my what exactly? Richard was clearly my boyfriend, but what was Candy for me? After tonight, could I say she was my girlfriend? I was clear in my mind that Richard didn’t have two girlfriends,

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Pets Chapter 36 (Richard): Saying Goodye

This entry is part 36 of 42 in the series Pets

Hugo had kept me company while my submissives were doing their first public scene under Jake’s discrete camera filming everything on my own memory card. I know Hugo seemed nice and friendly, but I must admit my eyes were soldered on Ellie’s naked body as she moved under Candy’s directives. I know Candy is a

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Pets Chapter 35 (Candy): Running with Scissors

This entry is part 35 of 42 in the series Pets

More and more, I find it really hard to just kiss Ellie, especially when we are both naked and our breasts are almost pressed together. I knew we were in a club. I knew Diane was looking at us. I knew the stage floor probably wasn’t 100% clean. But after the yoga, I knew what

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Pets Chapter 34 (Ellie): Anati Yoga

This entry is part 34 of 42 in the series Pets

And so, the place sucked. Richard, as always, seemed to fit in but I definitely wasn’t in my element. Undressing helped me a lot, by letting me present myself on location on my own terms. Ironically, I was complaining recently that my nudity was becoming almost too acceptable, too routine, not enough revolutionary, but now, I

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Pets Chapter 33 (Richard): Bar Talk

This entry is part 33 of 42 in the series Pets

I never know when to arrive at events. I guess we once again arrived way too early because, at the BDSM club, my initial impression was that only one patron was actually present on site. We all sat at the bar and both of the girls remained silent, leaving me to engage the conversation with

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