The Circle Chapter 7: Going down

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series The Circle

Stephanie and Kim were still kissing, when my wife pulled our lover from the sitting position to lay on the bed by her side. Both women faced each other while kissing, and Stephanie was caressing Kim’s hair while Kim was resting her right arm (she was laying on her left side) on top of my

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Karen Chapter 9: morning draw

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I was awoken by Karen when she left our bed for the bathroom. I guess it was a good sign. I sat on the bed and thought about my life. Was I really that miserable? I checked in my boxers and was wondering what I really thought about my new tube when Karen came back

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Karen Chapter 1: Coming Home

This entry is part 1 of 14 in the series Karen

After a long day at work, all I could think of was my sexy and beautiful wife Karen. Even after 5 years of marriage, she was always able to surprise and challenge me, to push me further and deeper in love with her. On our wedding night, she wanted our first sexual relation as a

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Pets Chapter 27 (Richard): Confusion

This entry is part 27 of 45 in the series Pets

Ellie and I seemed to have reached a new level in our relationship. We felt closer and sex was certainly more interesting. Some days, I had the impression that I was neglecting Candy but on the other hand, Ellie wasn’t and it seemed to please her even more. I guess my girlfriend has some equipment

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Pets Chapter 21 (Ellie): Sapphic Evening

This entry is part 21 of 45 in the series Pets

Finally, we were home from supper. I must admit that eating out with my boyfriend was fun. Now that we were back, however, I could only think about my previous supper I finished eating on the floor, next to Candy. Speaking of the devil, we found her kneeling in the bedroom in front of her cage,

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Harmony Chapter 8: Going to bed

This entry is part 8 of 30 in the series Harmony

From the outside, the little houses looked desperately tiny. At first glance earlier that day, I had imagined a couple living in each of the metal containers and found them terribly inadequate for that purpose. Now that I realized at the banquet that each man in the city had 3 to 5 concubines, it was

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