My main female characters, ranked by preference

I have currently 8 stories on this site, each with a main female characters (thought in Pets, you could argue there are 2, but I clearly see Ellie as the main one).

I don’t like them equally, so which is my favorite? Which is my least favorite?

Here is a blog ranking them, but be careful, this is a ranking of the characters, not of the stories!!

8 – Karen

I don’t hide it at all: Karen’s desires aren’t aligned with my own and I began writing it at the request of readers of my first site. When I ported it over to this site, I added CMNF increasing her appeal for me, but that still places her last. Why am I able to write a lot of Karen chapters then? Because she is very different to the other characters! Sometimes, I’ll have an idea for a sexual scene and I am not sure for which story to place it, but Karen is so different that her stories rarely cross the others.

7 – Alex

I designed Alex to be a fully reactive character: she doesn’t take action, she reacts to what happens to her: her boyfriend tells her to run, so she runs. She arrives in a weird place and just adapts to it. But more than that, she is one of my few enforced nudity characters and I prefer when a women decides to get nude!

Unlike Harmony or eventually Faith, she is not the type to try to find her own place, she just waits for her boyfriend to eventually save her… It’s not random that she gets less chapters: most of my stories have more active female characters.

6 – Harmony

I honestly thought she would be higher in the list, since it’s one of my favorite stories but the fact remains that the main character itself isn’t that remarkable to me. She was always planned to be a brat humbled by her tragic destiny but it didn’t really pan out that way. I never really removed her sense of  entitlements because seeing her triumph over her  situation feels more interesting to tackle rather than her personal journey. I did in the past manage, I think, well, I hope, to have her do some emotional growth but I feel as though her arc takes her in another direction

5 – Cookie

Cookie is odd: if I was single and asked to marry one of my characters, Cookie would be in my top choices but as a character, she is further down in big part because she is NOT a point of view character! We never get to see her express herself and she rarely gets to speak.

I like the story, but the character is almost an abstraction. However, it’s how she was designed so I like that from her! Still, Cookie is a little like Cathy from my other site: a kind of “filler” story and that prevents her from being in the top 4.

4 – Faith

OK, so we are now in the top 4, and Faith being here isn’t a sign that I do not like her, not at all, but Faith is a little too young and immature for me and that might be contradictory with Ellie who is higher in the list, but Faith is a lot less mature than Ellie despite both girls being roughly the same age. Faith is naive and willing to explore a lot, but unlike Ellie who is driven and studies hard, her drive is mainly to survive and to me, that’s less interesting.

3 – Sue

I like Sue, a lot… this is why she is in my top three. Her polygamy desires were the initial drive of the story but I added more CMNF which made her rise in my top. I also really like her exchanged with the main character, her high sex drive and her bisexuality. She is rather limited in her range of desires and level of variety.

2 – Ellie

Ellie was my preferred character from my old site, period. She was actually one of my favorite characters from all of the characters I ever created! She has drive, is intelligent, bisexual, submissive, affectionate and has nudity as a fetish. She also is a point of view character so she exceeds Cookie and becomes a Pony girl, one of my personal interests.

In fact, in all reasonable tops, she should be in first place and might, if I did the exercise again after writing 40 more chapters in each of my stories, reach the first spot.

But for now, that first place is held by…

1 – Stephanie from the Circle

Stephanie and Ellie have a lot in common, even if Stephanie does no pet play or pony play. They both put CMNF at the center of their lives, are in a trouple and are somewhat submissive to their boyfriends (Ellie enjoys being submissive in their play, while Stephanie is a surrendered wife which are 2 different concepts).

What makes Stephanie take the first place?

  1. I am middle age, like Stephanie, so she is closer to my current experience. She is the woman, if I were single, I would like to meet NOW, while Ellie is the woman I would have liked to meet in college.
  2. Stephanie is surrendered, not submissive. It’s very different but it will take time to show the difference
  3. Stephanie’s day to day life looks more like my current life: those of an adult, not of a college student
  4. Kim is more interesting to me than Amber as a girlfriend to the main female character

Furthermore, Stephanie is a more recent creation, while Ellie is stuck in my attempts at doing crossovers between my other stories which were NOT ported to this site. In fact, Ellie’s last name is the name of my main crossover universe which also encompasses  Sylvana, Suzy And Jill, Lindsey, Cathy, PatLizzie and was supposed to even cross Harmony! Yes, Harmony was planned to cross over with Pets. This is actually one of the reasons I created this site instead of continuing the other one: I was getting tired of the crossovers.

But if I mess up the surrendered wife angle, she might fall down to 2nd place and Ellie might take her place!

Soon, I’ll make a top 8 of my stories, which will probably be different from this list!

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