Cookie Chapter 2: Pony

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As I installed the gag in Cookie’s mouth, I surveyed the dungeon.

This was our “clean” dungeon: absolutely no sex allowed, no actual nudity but oddly enough, Cookie’s outfit as a Pony Girl was fine with them.

If you can call that an outfit!

It takes multiple steps to “dress” cookie as a Pony: Step one, strip her naked. This is the best part and for many of our times going out.

Swingers club first step? Strip her naked. Our favorite BDSM club’s first step? Strip her naked. Staying home for sex’s first step? Strip her naked.

But here, it had to be done in the bathroom, which very hypocritical as you will soon see.

So, in the bathroom, I install her harness. That’s step 2. The harness is composed of leather straps. one piece of leather gets attached to her collar. Oh, I guess the collar is step 2. Sorry, the harness is step 3.

So, the strap gets attached to the collar in the front, goes between her legs, and goes back up the other way to also attach to her collar. In theory, her naughty bits are now covered, but honestly, it’s not like there’s an elastic or something.

Now, the strap is actually composed of 2 parts: the front part and the back part. They are joined by a big metallic O ring which arrives, you can guess, about where her rectum is. You’ll see the purpose soon enough… Pony Play fans, you know where this is going, for the rest, keep reading.

This strap isn’t the harness, it’s just the backbone of the harness. Two straps wrap around Cookie’s waist and connect the two straps tightly. Guess where they are? Hint: they frame her breasts. Yes, her breasts remain fully nude.

This is when we leave the restroom as Cookie is now officially dressed. Remove the 2 horizontal straps around her waist, and she is topless. Keep those straps but not the main ones attaching to her collar, and she is bottomless. But with both, she is fully clothed despite the fact her breasts were fully exposed (nipple and all) and her juicy pussy lips being visible when she walks as the straps get looser.

Once in the main room, we continue “dressing her up”. We install her pony boots, which have a real horseshoe in each and no heel: believe me, she practices a lot with them at home, and her pony gloves which are copies of her boots, but for her hands.

This is when the tail comes in. Why then? Because we’ve tried putting it earlier, and it bothered Cookie while putting on the boots or mittens. We tried later and she didn’t like not being to guide me verbally.

Because the tail, you see, is a butt plug. I push it into her rectum, and the hair connected to it flow through the ring.

The last step is her pony bit: it’s a rubber bar that is connected on both side to large ) rings which connect via straps behind the head and over it. There, once in place, Cookie was now a Pony Girl!

I would often connect a leash and walk her all over the dungeon floor. I would often offer to include Cookie into existing scenes: if a girl (or a man) was being flogged, why not add Cookie? If someone was being tied, why not tie that someone to Cookie?

I would talk with a dominatrix about the best whips or paddles to buy while Cookie just stood there, looking insanely pretty.

We’d sometimes get questions in our exploration of the pony play lifestyle and we would usually reply we are just starting, despite Cookie having been a part-time Pony Girl for now what? Three years?

What they don’t know, is that to us, Pony Play is a loophole. It’s the closest to being nude that Cookie can get in this conservative and close-minded dungeon. We had set out to push their limits, bit by bit, until they would accept more and more of Cookie’s nudity and we won.

Cookie used to wear a latex suit under her harness and it got smaller and smaller (we physically cut it up so that it would reveal more and more). Slowly, we wound them down and made them accept more and more skin as we showed we weren’t here for sex.

Getting rid of the breast cover was hard, but after 3 months of pushing, we succeeded… The O ring at the back was our newest victory. They didn’t even pass a comment.

Soon, the top horizontal strap would go…

I told you we were butterflies. We don’t like rules. When we find a rule we don’t like, we twist it until it breaks.



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