Cookie Chapter 2: Pony

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As I installed the gag in Cookie’s mouth, I surveyed the dungeon. This was our “clean” dungeon: absolutely no sex allowed, no actual nudity but oddly enough, Cookie’s outfit as a Pony Girl was fine with them. If you can call that an outfit! It takes multiple steps to “dress” cookie as a Pony: Step

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Pets Chapter 26 (Ellie): Salute to the Sun

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The afternoon and the evening had been perfect in every way. Being “used” sexually by Richard before supper felt amazingly great and the supper itself had been surprisingly been exciting, especially since both Candy and I still had tomato sauce dried on our nude bodies. We had pulled our master’s cart without getting the benefit

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Pets Chapter 25 (Candy): Supper

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I always loved being a pony girl for a long period of time. It lets me express my more animalistic desires and helps me be even more submissive. Richard had often let me spend hours as a pony or a puppy, but being in the comfort of our apartment and strolling outside in the sun

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Pets Chapter 24 (Richard): Walk in the park

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My day at work had been pleasant enough. I had eaten with Candy and took one of my breaks with her. We mostly talked about Ellie. We were both pleased she had entered our lives. There were no major issues, as usual. I mostly patrolled the corridors, talking to the various shop employees to make

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Pets Chapter 23 (Ellie): Toy Store

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Richard dropped me up at my apartment around 8h35. That meant I had over 8 hours and a half alone to waste. I decided it was time for me to take the bull by the horn. Richard and Candy showed me what they were doing with their lifestyle and it was the time I figured

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Pets Chapter 19 (Ellie): Home Alone

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Once Candy was gone, I was left alone with Richard. I had played a few scenes with the two of them but this was the first time I was going to do something with just Richard. I was both thrilled and scared but then again, perhaps that was exactly the point. “What did you like

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Pets Chapter 15 (Ellie): Rude morning

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I woke up naked, with a leather collar around my neck, on top of a bed with a man sleeping under the covers, and another naked woman in the fetal position, sleeping near the foot of the bed. It took me a few seconds to recall the previous evening of lust and passion, which rapidly

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Pets Chapter 12 (Ellie): A new beginning

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I felt emotions I had never felt before. The night so far had been exquisite. Richard had both been the perfect gentleman and the most incredible kisser of my life. Most of the guys I dated were selfish. Their kisses were mostly aggressive. It’s as if they were trying to steal something from you. Richard’s kisses,

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