Harmony Chapter 25: Shopping

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I woke up in Laura’s bed a little disoriented, after having spent countless months sleeping in weird places, first on the ship then in cabin 34, it felt great sleeping in an actual bed.

Sadly, Laura was gone, probably preparing the food for the next day.

Her ability to leave the room without waking me up was a testament on the comfort of her room, in part thanks to the absence of a noisy ventilation unit on the ceiling of the room which provided vibrations felt through the bed itself thanks to the metal walls of the containers.

I took a walk to explore the back area of the community hall and discovered that there were actually 4 apartment suites in the area, most likely built to house the governor and administrators of the colony.

Laura had simply taken the closest suite to the kitchen and the main (and biggest) apartment was actually vacant.

I admit I laughed as I explored it and discovered the port remote control terminal which would allow me to perform all of my duties from what I hoped would become my secret apartment.

There was a king size bed in the master bedroom and a few pieces of furniture, but despite the main corridor leading to the suite having a thick layer of dust, the suite was spotless.

I wandered in the 5 room apartment (which offers a bedroom with an entertainment center, an office with the remote terminal, a huge private bathroom with a bathtub which looked more like a spa than anything else, a lavish dining room and in the front, what I could only describe as a lobby with a desk, presumably for a secretary).

Eventually, I found a private closet with a cleaning robot and understood the lack of dust.

I sat at the remote terminal and was quite happy to be able to work without having to walk all of the way to the port. This was possibly an even better news than the suite itself.

I first ordered the port to export all of the content of the surplus room I had found earlier. Knowing this would possibly crash the price of some of the commodities, especially the well sought after rare earth metals, I enlisted the services of a long-term commodity trader.

These people can buy for cash the current export of a colony at a slightly reduced cost compared to the current market values, typically 99.5% of  the real value.

But the biggest advantage at dealing with them, is that instead of selling the products all at once and risking crashing the values, they pay you upfront and sell it over a long period of time while hiding their reserves.

Typically, they make their money not from the 0.5% commission, but on the inflation of the market prices.

For them, it’s a big gamble as they never know when a colony like Sigma-8 might offload several tons of commodities and floor the prices, but on the other hand, the more customers they get, the fewer chances of a crash occurs.

The colony computer has, of course, no idea how much these commodities are really worth at this moment on Earth, but from the financial simulations, it would be enough, with the money already in the bank, to cover perhaps 90% of our independence.

How will I get the remaining 10%? By selling our surplus of imports. We have thousands of boxes of solar panels, 3 unused monorail trains and several segments not yet installed. I did decide to keep all of the automated factories, but I prepared for export many of the high-value consumer goods, including, can you imagine that, over 20 unused helicopters!

Sure, some of them were beginning to get a little old, but they would still have a great resale value. I did keep three for possible personal usage later, but I doubt they would really be useful.

In the end, the simulations indicated we not only had enough to buy our independence from my father in one swift payment but also some additional funds for new purchases.

I began by ordering a better mining excavator to increase our mining output and a new electrical dump truck to increase the speed of the mining operations.

I had seen the little trucks they use at this moment a few times in town and it seemed like they needed to make several trips per day, possibly not even carrying back to the port everything they mined.

Well, better make that two, and with that, two conveyor belts to load the trucks.

Hum, that made me think, how many mines were they? If two dump trucks were enough for perhaps 5 or 6 mines, we needed the belts at each locations.

In fact, I realized that I had in reality no idea which kind of mining this colony used, so I put a hold on the orders since, anyway, it would only be processed in 8 days when the next ship would arrive.

With the future of the colony in my hands, I went down to the kitchen where I found Laura working hard on some kind of dough, with her back facing me.

I silently approached her naked body, pressed mine against it and kissed her on her neck.

“Hello Harmony, I didn’t have the courage to wake you up this morning. Wanna help me make some bread?”

I pulled away, forced her to face me and kissed on her the lips. Laura instantly warmed up to me, caressing my back with her dough filled hands.

I quickly pulled her on the counter, next to the dough, and Laura wrapped her legs around my torso.

“It looks like you enjoyed last night”

“I never had so much fun. Will you spend the night with me again tonight?”

“Well, maybe, maybe not. Do you think I could use one of the empty apartments in the building?”

“Sure”, she replied with sadness in her voice.

“That way, I could come visit you a lot more often than if I stayed in the village…”

Laura lightened up and kissed me back.

“Were you always interested in girls?”, I asked.

“I don’t know. I certainly was never interested in boys. That’s why I took this job. It’s only when I heard from the rumors of what you were doing with some of the girls that it stirred something in me…”

So, my exploits were being spread, good…

We fooled around a little, but Laura had return to her bread and I had to learn more about mining.

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