So, I copied Karen over after all

Today, I had an idea about a new serial, Cookie. I said this morning that I would only copy Karen if I found a new serial, and Cookie came to me!

What I like about Cookie, is that the story will go in every direction: all types of BDSM and swinging, plenty of nudity, plenty of sex.

Often, when I was writing for my old site I would get ideas and then, try to decide which series would get the idea. Most of the times, the ideas were for a specific series, but other times, I had the idea and later pushed it to a series.

But many of my ideas simply didn’t work, so in some cases, I would create a new serial just for that idea!

This is how Karen started. I had ideas about male chastity which didn’t fit with Lizzie, so I created Karen. I had ideas about pony play so I created Cindy.

But not all ideas are worth it in the long run! Not every idea can become a successful serial…. so I created Cathy, who runs a resort. But even Cathy was too restrained for me.

This is where Cookie comes in. Cookie couple just likes to experiment with everything… as long as Cookie gets naked. One series of chapters might be in a swingers club (the first series of chapters), in the next one she might be a nude pony girl in a BDSM dungeon. I’ll simply write specific arcs of a few chapters (or a single one) on a single idea, and move on to the next.

With Cookie on board, I thus moved Karen. Ah, Karen… my plan for Karen haveĀ changed a lot! Yes, it will still be about male chastity, but at first, it was supposed to just be a loyal couple: no swingings, no cock holding, no exhibitionism. Oh, and plenty of common nudity: both Karen and her chaste husband were to be naked almost all of the time.

But not anymore… Karen will remain naked, but her husband will get to wear clothes. He will also become a cuckoldĀ as Karen exposes herself to lovers..,

Of course, I am a little concerned. This is my last week of vacation, so next Monday, my number of new chapters will most likely drop drastically. Still, stay tuned! I hope to keep writing!